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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Lakehead University Faculty of Engineering website. Lakehead University is the home of outstanding quality engineering programs, faculty, staff, and students. Whether you are a current or prospective student, our engineering website is designed to provide you all the specific program information that you may require as well as allow you to explore the many exciting opportunities that you will encounter as an engineering student and future engineering professional. As you will see, our faculty members are highly engaged with research focused on many of the leading technological challenges that we face both nationally and internationally. Our research areas cross many of the traditional boundaries of engineering and have led to significant developments in a variety of areas including green cement additives, biofuels, energy-efficient electric motors, semiconductor devices, and electronic health monitoring. Lakehead University engineering professors draw on their research expertise as well as a wealth of industrial experience to make the classroom experience engaging and relevant. Our Faculty is committed to providing a solid education with a focus on the technical aspects of engineering but also developing your understanding of the economic, ethical, and societal issues that you will encounter as an engineer.

As a Lakehead University student you will benefit from easy access to faculty and facilities. You will also find numerous activities to pursue outside of your studies through University clubs and organizations that provide you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the Thunder Bay region. Our active student groups have participated in numerous competitions and routinely bring home awards for their efforts. As a Lakehead University engineering graduate, you will be well positioned to pursue a career in industry or continue on to graduate studies in one of our engineering graduate programs or at another university. Our alumni are highly recognized by employers for their combination of strong theoretical training and solid engineering skills. Engineering is a rewarding career with a clear impact on how we live. Our Faculty and Staff are committed to ensuring your success and working with you towards your long term career goals. The engineering field is projected to experience continued strong employment growth as we seek to develop technology, infrastructure, and resources across the country. If you are a current student, I wish you the best of luck in your studies and if you are considering attending our university to study engineering, I encourage you to browse our website and hope that you will pursue your education at Lakehead University.


Dr. David W. Barnett
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Lakehead University

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