Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering

Click here for College Transfer InformationHeadshot of Dr. Janusz KozinskiWelcome from Professor Janusz Kozinski – Dean

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at Lakehead.

We are a community of learners working together to address the human and environmental challenges we face now and into the future.

We are a bold, inclusive and progressive Faculty of Engineering where anyone, whoever they are and wherever they’re from, has the chance to learn what it takes to play their part in building that future together with others.

Canada needs a million more engineers by 2025. We cannot expand our engineering skills as a nation from a limited talent pool. We need to convince more of our creative young people, more women and LGBTQ+ people, more BIPOC students and more people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds to see engineering careers as a place where they are valued.

Engineering at Lakehead is for everyone.
We place the employability of our students at the core of everything we do.

The great questions ahead of us as engineers are not just about inventing new technologies to make life easier, they are about making life better for humanity and protecting our fragile environment.

We can only meet the challenges of the 2020s by working collaboratively with experts in different fields, engaging with communities and understanding our responsibilities as engineers to build a more equitable and sustainable society.

Lakehead Engineers will step up to be pioneers in technology and innovation, and also be leaders with the creativity, courage, and collaborative spirit to accomplish our shared ambitions.

Our mission is to find, equip and empower a new generation of young minds to meet these challenges.

I hope you will join us.

Dr. Janusz Kozinski
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Lakehead University

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The Spring 2023 Journey Magazine has arrived!

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A Lakehead Thunder Bay Electrical Engineering professor is receiving $25,000 through NSERC to push the boundaries in the field of quantum computers.

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