Dr. Leila Pakzad, P.Eng.

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
+1 (807) 343-8010ext. 8583
CASES B., FB 2016
Academic Qualifications: 

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University, 2013.
MSc, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University, 2007
MSc, Chemical Engineering - Food Science, Science and Research University, Tehran, Iran, 2003.
BSc, Chemical Engineering, Science and Research University, Tehran, Iran, 2000.

Research Interests: 

In general, my research study stems from my desire to understand fundamental aspects of fluid dynamics. By considering this fact and my research background, my research interest is listed as follows: 

Multi-phase Flow; Non-Newtonian Fluid, Computational Fluid Dynamics; Mixing Process; Flow Visualization Techniques (Tomography, Particle Size Analyser- SOPAT); Oscillatory Baffled Reactor (OBR); Bubble Column.