Academic Qualifications: 

BEng, Tianjin University, PRChina
MEng, Tsinghua University, PRchina
MScEng, University of New Brunswick
PhD, University of Toronto

Research Interests: 

Membrane bioreactors, membrane separations, membrane fouling, wastewater treatment, particle science and technology, colloidal and surface chemistry, sludge management, anaerobic digestion, environmental nanoparticle technology, environmental engineering, biorefinery, bioenergy production.

Dr. Baoqiang Liao’s research focuses on the development of novel, green, and renewable separation, catalytic reaction, and sensing materials and next generation processes and technology for water and wastewater purification. The research topics cover a broad range of lignocellulosic materials-based membranes, adsorbents, catalysts, and sensors, environmental biotechnology, colloidal science and surface chemistry, particle science and technology, environmental nanoparticle technology, and biological wastewater treatment. It is anticipated that novel, green, and renewable lignocellulosic-based materials and low cost, robust, and high efficiency separation technologies that are not achievable with current technologies will be developed for water and wastewater purification for the coming decades.