About the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering offers innovative programs focused on preparing engineering students for the technological challenges we face domestically as well as globally. Our undergraduate programs are uniquely designed to provide both a Bachelor of Engineering degree as well as a Technology Diploma in four years. Program graduates are recognized for their strong theoretical skills as well as their practical training and understanding of the larger economic, ethical, and societal issues that impact the engineering profession. Our learner-centred approach draws on faculty research expertise as well as a wealth of industrial experience to make the classroom experience engaging and relevant. Graduate programs provide pathways for students to continue their education while working closely with faculty members on fundamental and translational research that crosses traditional boundaries. Our faculty has a proud history of working with Aboriginal peoples, first generation, and college transfer students. We are committed to providing educational opportunities to a diverse population as we train students for wide-ranging careers in engineering and as leaders focused on developing technology to improve the human condition.

The Faculty consists of five academic departments that offer undergraduate programs 

and graduate programs.