Drawing is one of the core area of study in Visual Arts providing the skills necessary to the various studio practices. Courses explore methods of using mediums such as charcoal, ink, pastels and collage through projects based on observational study. Course content builds from structured exercises at the introductory level, focusing on the ability to see clearly and interpret the visual world with precision and sensitivity. The second year course covers an intensive study of the life model, offering traditional and non-traditional approaches to interpreting the human form. Upper level courses in Drawing follow an individualised curriculum. Students work closely with their instructor planning an outline of study covering a wide range of concepts and media. Independent creative research and personal expression provide an exciting learning experience.

     The Drawing studio is equipped with specialised stands and supplies to support working with a variety of materials. Lighting is a balanced combination of natural light and the controlled use of daylight bulbs to achieve the proper light qualities for working in colour.