Undergraduate Programs

Sistine Chapel - Touch of God Painting

Undergraduate Degrees

The four-year Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is the most comprehensive program in Visual Arts. It combines a variety of courses in studio training, art history, theory and professional development. This program best prepares students for a broad range of career paths in art. Upon completing the HBFA, students wishing to continue study are eligible to continue toward a Graduate degree, or to apply to the two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program for teaching certification.

The three-year Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts Major) program provides students with a solid background in studio practices and art history. While offering a broad range of courses, the BA degree also allows you to take a number of non-visual arts electives. Students interested in pursuing a career in primary or junior level teaching may also apply for certification through the two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program.  

The concurrent Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Visual Arts Major) Bachelor of Education I/S program is specifically designed for students planning to obtain teaching certification for high school level art. This program combines the Visual Arts HBFA degree together with a Bachelor of Education. It provides students with education training throughout the course of study and classroom experience during the final two years. Successful completion of the Professional Year (the 6th year) fulfils the requirements for teacher certification. 

The BA/BEd Visual Arts major for primary junior (P/J) and junior intermediate (J/I) teaching levels combines the three year BA degree with the Bachelor of Education degree to prepare students for a career as an elementary school teacher.