The Painting area offers a significant range of artistic directions. Students learn the technical processes and develop a conceptual foundation in order to work independently. Introductory courses explore colour theory, composition and technique.  Guided projects provide exercises in observation, form and content.  Students learn using acrylic and oil paints, and explore other mediums such as encaustic and egg tempera. In upper level courses, experimental self-directed projects allow for more experimental content. Emphasis is on a broad range of skills allied with the development of each students' unique voice. Theory and practice in painting are bound together in projects where the expectation is one of serious commitment.
Courses in painting share studio space with drawing, accommodating 20 to 25 people. Students enjoy the small class size and the individual attention from the instructor. The studio is equipped with an ample number of easels and offers an excellent source of controlled lighting. Students have open access to the room at anytime outside of class to hone their skills and to work on projects.