Kelsey Fuerst

Hometown:  Dryden, Ontario

Undergrad/Major:  Bemidji State University, Bemidji MN, Bachelor of Science

When I was applying to law school I wanted to attend a school that was both close to home, and appreciated the unique concerns that practicing law in Northern Ontario encompasses. I was able to find both of these qualities at Bora Laskin Faculty of Law.

At Bora Laskin we are taught by knowledgeable Faculty and local practitioners that genuinely care about our success. Learning from local practitioners allows for networking with the local bar, as well as the opportunity to learn hands-on aspects of everyday practice that are distinct to the region you will be working in.

I had the opportunity of working at the Lakehead University Community Legal Services Clinic during my year as a 2L. This experience allowed for extensive learning and practice in dealing with real people and real life problems. I was routinely expected to meet with clients, identify issues, write reporting letters, conduct research, write research memos and appear in courts and tribunals. The Clinic provided a fast-paced and safe learning environment for a second year law student.

For people considering attending Bora Laskin Faculty of Law I would put it to them like this; if you have an insatiable appetite for learning, and hope to be a force of change in your community, then Lakehead is the place for you!

Welcome, and good luck.