Port Arthur Collegiate Institute (PACI) building

Quick Facts                                     

Year Built: 1909                                         
  Henry Simpson
Building Contractor:  George Otto
Construction Material:  Simpson Island Sandstone
Designated as a Historic Building:  May 25, 1983
Years Operated as a Public School:  September 6, 1910 to June 2007

  • Alterations were made to the main building to add classrooms in both 1923 and in 1954.

  • Taking advantage of its high location, a harbour lookout shelter was built adjacent to the school.

  • To commemorate former students killed during both World Wars, memorial plaques and photographs were installed in the entrance area of the main floor hall-way. The plaques and photos are a part of the historical designation of the building and will remain in place.

  • In 1972, a gymnasium was built into the hill, though it was "ill-received" due to its lack of architectural connection to the main building.

  • The high school was closed in June 2007 due to declining enrollments and the building was purchased by Lakehead University in 2008.

  • Currently, the building is undergoing internal renovations to transform it from a high school to a law school. The architect is FORM Architecture and the contractor is DRD Construction Services.