Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Program

The curriculum of the HBK degree is based upon recommendations from the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges. Courses offered in Kinesiology cover a broad base of human movement related topics and the combination of required and elective courses gives the student a wide perspective on the multi-disciplinary nature of the field.

Students must take all required Kinesiology courses totalling 11 full course equivalents plus three required FCEs from the Biology, English and Chemistry departments. Elective courses may then be chosen from within the school or outside of the school depending upon the student's career objectives.

A total of 22 FCEs plus Kinesiology 4193 are required for graduation. Also to graduate, students must have a minimum of 70% cumulative average in all Kinesiology courses included in the 22 FCEs counted towards the degree and a minimum of 60% cumulative overall average.