Why Choose the Kinesiology Co-op Program Option?

Work term experiences gained through the Kinesiology Co-op program will provide a strong foundation for the student wishing to prepare for future career opportunities

The Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Co-op Program is designed for highly motivated students who wish to develop their skills, increase their knowledge, and gain career-related experience. Other important information for you to consider is available on the Student Success Centre website.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Applicants who meet the minimum academic admission requirements indicated below, will be reviewed by the Kinesiology Co-op Admissions Committee for final admission to the program.

  • HBK students who have completed Year 1 or Year 2 of the HBK program
  • HBK students who have achieved a minimum of 75% cumulative average in all Kinesiology courses, and a minimum of 65% cumulative overall average

Admission decisions will be made by January 21st of the winter term preceding the summer work term.  For further information related to the Application Process, please review the Admission Requirements and Registration for Co-operative Education Programs (note scroll down the page to the heading "Co-Operative Education Programs").

Once admitted, Kinesiology Co-op students are required to complete all academic requirements outlined for the HBK four year program plus at least four work terms.

How to Apply

Total enrollment in the program is limited and the number of students admitted is based in part on projected co-op employment opportunities.  Students interested in pursuing the Co-op Program must apply through the Student Success Centre. Students must complete all application requirements by November 30th of either Year 2 or Year 3 of the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology program.