School of Kinesiology Graduate Programs

Lakehead University’s School of Kinesiology offers three graduate programs:

  1. A graduate diploma program in Professional Kinesiology. This program provides professional training and clinical skill upgrading for current and future practitioners of Kinesiology.
  2. A course-based MSc in Kinesiology. This program helps students build clinical skills, gain professional training, and develop their understanding of clinical-based research commonly used in health care settings.
  3. A thesis-based MSc in Kinesiology. This program helps students develop a well-rounded understanding of Kinesiology research and allows them to contribute to the field through a thesis conducted via one-on-one supervision with a faculty member. 

All of our programs can lead to similar and multiple career pathways. Deciding which program is best for you may depend on your interests, career goals, study preferences, geographic location, and employment situation. This table presents the primary characteristics of each program. 


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