Welcome to Prospective Graduate Students

As someone who is interested in pursuing graduate studies, you may be wondering, “Why should I choose Lakehead University?” – here are a few important considerations:

Depending on your ambitions, you may be enticed by the variety of subdisciplines we house within our program – current areas of research include adapted physical activity, applied ergonomics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health promotion, gerontology, motor control and learning, the psychology of sport and physical activity, and sports medicine and rehabilitation. Alternatively, you may be keen to sharpen your kinesiology acumen through hands-on training experience.  The School of Kinesiology offers three Graduate Programs to meet these needs: 1) the Master of Science in Kinesiology (thesis-based) degree is a two-year, thesis-based program that allows students to conduct research in their chosen subdiscipline of interest; 2) the Master of Science in Kinesiology (course-based) degree is a distance-friendly 16-month program for those interested in undertaking a more applied, evidence-based pathway that will provide professional training, clinical skills upgrading, and research opportunities; and 3) the Graduate Diploma in Professional Kinesiology is a one-year program designed to deepen understanding of kinesiology-related concepts and skills through on-line and practical training. 

Because Lakehead is classified as a “smaller” institution, our graduate programs are student-centred which allows us to foster close working relationships between the students, faculty, and staff.  This collegial environment also affords our graduate students many opportunities to work, teach, and socialize.  

In order to enhance your graduate school experience from a monetary perspective, we offer a large paid Graduate Assistantship program which provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience assisting professors with research projects and undergraduate course delivery.  A variety of entrance scholarships, awards, and bursaries are also available to those who qualify. 

Lastly, Lakehead University is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario: a picturesque and vibrant community with a scenic landscape primed for outdoor enthusiasts.  Our students are encouraged to strike a work-play balance and can often be found enjoying any number of our nearby lakes and provincial parks, or partaking in activities such as hiking, skiing, or climbing.

If you’re curious and would like to know more about the admission and application processes, I encourage you to visit the Graduate Studies  website. 

Should you have further questions about either of our programs, Lakehead University, or life in Thunder Bay, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I wish you every success with whatever direction you decide to take in your academic career, and hope that the School of Kinesiology at Lakehead University is in your plans.

All the best,

John Gotwals, PhD
Graduate Coordinator, School of Kinesiology

Graduate Diploma in Professional Kinesiology

Specifically designed to provide advanced academic opportunities for professional training and clinical skill upgrading for current and future practitioners of Kinesiology.

MSc, Kinesiology (thesis-based)

The thesis-based degree program employs a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on the study of human performance from a scientific perspective.

MSc, Kinesiology (course-based)

For those that are interested in a more applied, evidence-based pathway that will add value to their credentials both academically and experientially.