Welcome to Prospective Students

I am pleased that you are considering Kinesiology at Lakehead University. The study of Human Movement is an exciting venture and allows you to gain a wide variety of knowledge, all related to physical activity. Increasingly society and the marketplace are appreciating the integral role of physical activity in promoting health and wellness. Our graduates become leaders in education, research, rehabilitation, coaching and various other health related careers.  As a smaller university, you can form bonds with all your classmates and your professors, adding to your university experience.  Thunder Bay allows for a multitude of outdoor experiences that are just not possible in a larger urban environment.

Whether you are considering our undergrad programs, perhaps with a co-op or concurrent education option, one of our graduate programs (Graduate diploma, thesis or course-based Masters), or transferring from a college, we believe we can tailor an education plan especially suited to your likes and needs.

Our undergraduate programs are broad based and offer introductory courses in all aspects of human movement including physiology, biomechanics, motor development, motor learning, adapted, psychology and sociology.  Additionally, our Practice of Kinesiology component is directed at allowing you to experience and apply theoretical knowledge gained throughout your coursework.  Applicants are required to have Grade 12 U credits in English and Mathematics; two credits chosen from Exercise Science, Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics; plus two other grade 12 U or M credits.  For more specific admission information, please contact the admissions office for Lakehead University.

As you progress through the four-year honours program, in addition to the required Kinesiology and non-Kinesiology courses, you can select elective courses in the areas you are most interested in to gain a more in-depth perspective.  All required elective credits are open in nature allowing you the opportunity to explore areas outside of Kinesiology as well if you wish.

Our graduate programs build on the undergraduate experience with either a strong research orientation (i.e. the thesis based MSc) or more of a broad based applied orientation (i.e. the graduate diploma or course-based MSc). I would encourage you to explore our website further to learn more about these opportunities.

Should you have further questions about our program, Lakehead University or life in Thunder Bay, please contact our Director, Dr. Ian Newhouse.

Good luck,

Ian Newhouse PhD 
Director, School of Kinesiology