Faculty Members in MES

The following faculty are core members in the MES program and are available to supervise students:

Beaulieu, Michel - History

Boyd, Matthew - Anthropology

Cornwell, Adam - Geography & the Environment

Dowsley, Martha - Anthropology / Geography & the Environment

Fralik, Philip - Geology

Hamilton, Scott - Anthropology

Heenkenda, Muditha - Geography

Koster, Rhonda - Outdoor Recreation Parks & Tourism

Lemelin, Harvey - Outdoor Recreation Parks & Tourism

Levkoe, Charles - Health Sciences

Metcalfe, Jessica - Anthropology

Oliveira, Frederico - Anthropology (Orillia Campus)

Pendea, Florin - Geography & the Environment  (Orillia Campus)

Randall, Todd - Dean, Science and Environmental Studies

Robson, Robert - Indigenous Learning

Ross, Gregory - Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Sudbury)

Stewart, Robert - Geography & the Environment

Tocheri, Matthew - Anthropology

Turvey, Rosario - Geography & the Environment  (Orillia Campus)

Varney, Tamara - Anthropology

Wesley-Esquimaux, Cynthia - Chair on Truth and Reconciliation

Zaniewski, Kamil - Geography & the Environment


NOTE: The first year of the program must be completed on the Thunder Bay campus.