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M. Boyd

A. Cornwell

M. Dowsley

C. Gottardo

S. Hamilton

M. Johnston

C. Matheson

C. Nelson

F. Pendea

T. Randall

R. Robson

G. Ross

R. Stewart

M. Stroink

T. Varney

B. Wilson

W. Wilson

Boyd, M.

2019 - Speirs, Kayleigh ~ Residue Analysis of Pre-Contact Small and Miniature Pottery: A Multi-Proxy Approach

2017 - Barry, Jacqueline ~ Archaeobotanical and Soil Chemistry Investigation of a Woodland Site on Whitefish Lake, Northwestern Ontario

2014 - Burchill, Amanda ~ Plant Microfossil Analysis of Middle Woodland Food Residues, Northern Minnesota

2012 - Lints, Andrew ~ Early Evidence of Maize (Zea mays ssp. mays) and Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) on the Northern Plains: An Examination of Avonlea Cultural Materials (AD 300-1100)

2011 - Kingsmill, Leslie ~ Middle Holocene Archaeology and Paleoenvironments of the Thunder Bay Region, Lake Superior Basin


 Cornwell, A. 

2017 - Baidoc, Robert ~ Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Fluvial Processes: Using a Physically-Based Model to Determine Hydrologic Responses of the Salte River

2014 - Schweitzer, Margaret ~ Landscape Indicators of Old Tower Road Archaeological Site (DbJm-6), Thunder Bay District


Dowsley, M.

2019 - Bongelli, Eric ~ Barren-ground caribou - A cyclic species: The development of a cycle-stratified harvest model, and a cycle analysis of North American barren-ground caribou subpopulations

2014 - Farr, Shannon ~ Managing Canada's Park Systems: Exploring Aboriginal Involvement in Canadian National Parks

2014 - Keffer, Aaron ~ Building Trust, Addressing Uncertainty: Developing Aboriginal Consultation Practices for Mineral Exploration Companies

2014 - York, Jordan ~ Polar Bears: The Conservation of an Arctic Icon in a Warming Climate

2012 - Inksetter, Jocelyn B ~ Women and Work: Analyzing the Mixed Economy in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut

2011 - Petrone-Reitburger, Elysia ~ Aboriginal Consultation for the Ontario Mining Act Modernization Process: Varying Perspectives on Whether the Consultation Process Works


Gottardo, C.

2011 - Adams, Matthew ~ Local Variation of Trace Element Concentration in Usnea subfloridana

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Hamilton, S.

2019 - Stephenson, Jason ~ Evaluating Consumer Grade UAVs and their Potential Applications and Implications in Ontario Consulting Archaeology

2018 - McEvoy, Chris ~ Evaluating Consumer-Grade Sonar for Documenting Inundated Archaeological Sites in Northwestern Ontario

2016 - Sutton, Garth ~ Ecological Implications of the 18th & 19th Century Fur Trade: A Study of Five HBC Post's Accounts

2015 - Bennett, Gjende ~ Late Paleoindian Biface Manufacture: A Case Study from the Mackenzie I Site (DdJf-9) near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2015 - Langford, Dale ~ Interpreting the Spatial Disturbtion of Lithic Artifacts from the RLF Paleoindian Site (DdJf-13), Thunder Bay Region, Northwestern Ontario

2015 - McCulloch, Breane ~ An Intra-site Spatial Analysis of the Late Paleoindian Mackenzie Site (DdJf-9), near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2013 - Finch, David ~ It Is Only the Beginning: An Ethnohistory of Mid-Twentieth Century Land Tenure in Fort Severan, Ontario

2013 - Markham, Samantha ~ Projectile Point Assemblage Variability at the Paleoindian Mackenzie 1 site, near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2012 - Yahn, Douglas ~ Urban Archaeology and McKellar Island Social History

2011 - Cote, Holly ~ Living  Landscapes of Granville Lake Manitoba


Johnston, M.

2016 - Carlson, Jessica ~ Exploring the Potential for Achieving Self-determined Community Economic Development in Nunavut: An Examination of the Government of Nunavut's Economic Development Strategies

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Matheson, C.

2018 - Vickruck, Cory ~ Investigating the Qualities of Raw Lithic Material and the Selection Pressures of Lithic Materials from the Gunflint Formation, in Ontario Canada

2017 - Bouchard, Stephan ~ The Functional Interpretation of Quartz and Amethyst Artefacts from the Mackenzie I site (DdJf-9), a 9,000BP site near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2017 - Hodgson, Tasha ~ Documenting subsistence strategies and perishable resource use within Early Holocene occupations of Northwestern Ontario: Implementing a multi-analytical approach for the detection of technological variability and subsistence complexities

2015 - Cook, Russell ~ Mutli-analytical Residue Analysis of the Trihedral Adze: A Case Study for the Introduction of New Methodologies in Boreal Forest Archaeology


Nelson, C.

2018 - Stolzs, William ~ Coming to Know Through Story: Exploring the Social Economy of Blueberry Foraging in Northwestern Ontario


Pendea, F.

2019 - Ferguson, Crystal ~ The Influence of Water Table Fluctuation on Hydrarch succession in Two Subarctic Peatlands in Eastern James Bay, Quebec

2016 - Tilotta, Kirsten ~ Long-term relationships between carbon sequestration, hydrology, and
tephra disturbance in a northern peatland (Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia)


Robson, R.

2012 - Odber, Kirsten ~ Trading with the Hudson’s Bay Company: A Case Study of Nipigon House Post 1828 - 1838


Ross, G.

2019 - Ciezadlo, Michael ~ Assessing the effectiveness of airborne thermal technology for delineating environmental thermal effluent


Randall, T.

2011 - Doff, Bradley ~ A GIS-based decision-support model lnking urban forest benefits with sustainability goals: an application to Thunder Bay, Ontario

2011 - McColm, Lindsay ~ A Cartographic Analysis of Ecological Boundary Symbology

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Stewart, R.

2019 - Muir, Brant ~ Evaluating the Peak Flow Reduction, Water Quality Improvement, Design And Maintenance Needs of Bioretention in a Northern Climate: A Case Study of McVicar Creek, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

2018 - Wilson, Nathan ~ Eutrophication in Northwestern Ontario? The Unique Case Study of Cloud Lake

2015 - Kaurin, Kady ~ Monitoring for Success in Stream Restoration: A Case Study of the Kama Creek, North Shore of Lake Superior

2014 - Buonocore, Alison ~ The Soft Path Approach as a Water Management Strategy: A Case Study in Thunder Bay, Ontario

2013 - Lino, Amanda ~ Through the Looking Glass: A Qualitative Study of Film In First Nation Communities

2013 - Sorenson, Hiliarie ~ Citizen-Based Monitoring and Lakewide Management: Recommendations for Information Sharing and Partnership Development in the Lake Superior Basin

2013 - Wraggett, Kestrel ~ An Evaluation of Stormwater Remediation Options on McVicar Creek, Thunder Bay, Ontario

2010 - Roy, Matt ~ Developing First Nations Perspectives on Water


Stroink, M.

2011 - Chevrette, Lee-Ann ~ Community Gardening: Exploring Motivation, Benefits and Gardener Experience


Varney, T.

2018 - Kamckey, Jessica ~ Manitoulin Island in Transition: An Eco-epidemiologic evaluation of Late 19th and Early 20th century mortality



Wilson, B.

2010 - Wintle, Sarah ~ Finding Food Deserts: A Spatial Analysis of Food Security in Northwestern Ontario (1996-2006)


Wilson, W.

2009 - George, Colleen ~ A Century of Change: Documenting Ecological Landscape Patterns in Northwestern Yunnan, China