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Additional Resources

Student life and living independently in a new country can have you facing some unfamiliar challenges. We have created this page to include some additional resources that you will find helpful as you navigate your student journey and require additional information on the topics below. Remember, we are here for you, so reach out if you have questions.

Campus and Community Food ResourcesFinancial and Budgeting

Canada Income TaxCommunity Legal ServicesScam and Fraud Awareness

Campus and Community Food Resources

As a student, we understand that you are juggling many different financial responsibilities. Sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming and we all face financial challenges at times.  

It’s important to ensure you have food and groceries to sustain your health and well-being but often students will have food as a low priority.  Below is a list of food resources both on campus and in the community that you may find helpful if you are struggling with your monthly grocery bills.  If you have any questions about any of the supports or services listed below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

LUSU Food Resource Centre (FRC)


The Food Bank is located in the University Centre, room 2014 B, upstairs from the bookstore, just past the multicultural centre, and just before the LUSU board room. Lakehead University students are permitted to take 1 bag of food per month, or if students have dependents such as children or spouses, 2 bags. Students can apply for additional assistance through the Food Bank coordinator in case of emergency.


LUSU Food Resource Centre


Free Soup Fridays

Every Friday at 12 PM come to the Food Resource Centre (Room UC 2014b) for free soup, fully sponsored by Aramark.

Free Soup Fridays


LUSU Free Soup Fridays


The Good Foodbox Program

The Good Food Box program is available for all students. Stop by the LUSU main office before the first Thursday of every month to place your order, and pick it up on campus the second-last Thursday of every month.

Upcoming order due-by dates for the upcoming term include: Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Dec 7th


Thunder Bay Good Foodbox


Good Foodbox


LUSU Good Foodbox


Community Food Resources

There are numerous resources in and around the City of Thunder bay that provide additional food support or offer student discounts.


Thunder Bay Food Resources 

Financial and Budgeting

Understanding and managing your finances wisely is an important part of being a student at Lakehead University.  We want you to be prepared to pay for your education so you can spend your time thriving in the classroom and not worrying about your finances. Becoming "money wise" - learning how to best manage your money both now and in the future is a valuable skill.  Let us help you look at ways to manage your resources while planning for the future financially. 

Lakehead International Emergency Funding

Lakehead University International offers a limited number of emergency bursaries and loans to assist current international students in meeting unexpected financial challenges. In all cases, students are required to first meet with an International Student Advisor (Thunder Bay) or International Engagement Specialist (Orillia) to discuss their particular situation prior to making an application.  We encourage all students that are experiencing financial stress or difficulties to reach out to us for support and guidance.  You can make a financial advising appointment with us at the link below.




Lakehead University myAwards

Lakehead University also offers some great opportunities to help finance your education through the myAwards portal. Our generous donors are hoping to help you with your education. What do you have to do? Make sure that you complete the general application and the financial need application to be considered for many of these opportunities. Once you complete your applications, you will be notified about any new opportunities that open up during the academic year. Don't forget that the new awards cycle goes live each year on August 15, so make sure to complete your application each year early to be considered for as many opportunities as possible.


myAwards Portal


Canada Income Tax

International students who have met the work eligibility on their study permit and with a Social Insurance Number (SIN) are encouraged to file a tax return to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the previous calendar year before April 30, even if they do not have any income. To learn more about income taxes in Canada, please visit the CRA website.

Filing taxes also determines your eligibility for government benefits (Federal and Provincial), refunds, and credits and to carry forward certain credits to reduce income tax owed in future years. Common credits international students are eligible for include tuition tax credit, goods and services tax (GST/HST) or Canada child benefit (CCB).

Most international students inside Canada on a study permit are considered residents of Canada for income tax purposes. If you want to determine your tax residency status as an international student,

please visit the Government of Canada website.

Filing Your Tax Return:

In Canada, the tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The general deadline for filing an income tax return is April 30, the year after. 

If you are filing your tax return as an international student, please prepare the following documents (if applicable):

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN): In most cases, you will need the SIN to file taxes in Canada. If you are an international student or a visiting student who is not eligible for a SIN, you must get an ITN (Individual Tax Number).

  • T2202 (Tuition receipt): This tax form is to identify the number of months you attended university and the tuition you paid. You can download this from MyInfo on the Lakehead University website.

  • T4: This form indicates your employment income and deductions. You should receive your T4 from your employer.

  • T4A: This form is available for students who have received a taxable tuition waiver, teacher certificate, scholarship, or bursary in the tax year.

  • Medical Receipt if you have paid out of your pocket

  • Donation Receipt if you have donated to a Canadian Charity 

  • Off-campus Rental Receipt if you are living off campus

  • Public transit pass

Helpful Resources:

Thunder Bay Free Tax Clinic:  Lakehead Social Planning Council (LSPC)  administers a volunteer income tax clinic on behalf of the Canada Revenue Agency.


Please note that International Student Advisors are not tax experts and cannot help file your tax return.  Please use the resources above, and we encourage students to attend our Tax information sessions.


Events and Workshops

Community Legal Services

You may never require legal advice, but it's good to know who to turn to if you do. Current Lakehead students may be able to benefit from free legal consultations at the following legal clinics if they have issues related to things such as housing, landlords, lease negotiations or immigration services (outside of the services already offered by the immigration advisors in Lakehead International).


Lakehead University Community Legal Services (LUCLS)Newcomer Legal Clinic Thunder Bay

Legal Aid Ontario Community Legal Education Ontario

Scam and Fraud Awareness

Every year, many international students become victims of fraud through websites, email, phone calls, text messages and social media. Fraudsters will offer false promises, threaten you, and pressure you for your information, all of which will make you feel scared and unsure of what to do.  Their only goal is to get you to share your personal information and defraud you of your money.  They even pretend to be representatives of the government or IRCC and can make it look like the call is coming from that organization.  

That’s why it is so important to be scam savvy and educate yourself about all the current scams that are circulating and protect yourself and your money!  So how do you do this?  Attend our scam and fraud awareness webinars, learn about the resources to access for more information and hear from our international students about their real-life scam stories.


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