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Student Health is Lakehead Wealth!

Student Health is Our Wealth! Lakehead International is committed to helping you achieve your goals during your study here. It is very important to know your health insurance coverage and the health & wellness services available for you.




Student Health and Wellness (SHW)

Do you know that Lakehead University Student Health and Wellness (SHW) provides a range of counselling options, health services, and wellness programs so that you can get the most out of your Lakehead Experience?

For more information, please visit the SHW webpage.




 Student Health and Wellness (SHW)

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

Lakehead University International Students will be enrolled in UHIP. UHIP offers affordable insurance to cover the cost of primary hospital and medical services. UHIP can be supplemented through LUSU Health and Dental Plan provided by LUSU (Lakehead University Students Union) resulting in more comprehensive healthcare coverage.





International Student Enrollment Process

All new and returning international students are automatically enrolled in UHIP for the 12-month period running from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the current academic year. 

* Please note that Academic English Program (AEP) and Exchange (GlobalMe) students will be enrolled in Guard.Me 

Dependant Enrollment Process

If students need to opt-in for their spouse or dependant children living with them while they study or work in Ontario, the dependent must also be enrolled in UHIP. To register a dependent, students must send a completed application form along with a photocopy of the passport indicating the date of entry into the country for each dependant to For more information on dependent eligibility please visit the UHIP

Coverage Details

UHIP provides international students and their dependents coverage up to $1,000,000(CAD) per policy year (September 1 to August 31) for eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments while studying in Ontario.

  • If international students travel in Canada, but outside of Ontario, UHIP will only cover emergencies.

  • If international students are travelling outside of Canada, they receive minimal coverage; therefore we strongly suggest students review their LUSU Health and Dental Plan Travel Coverage details prior to travelling outside of Canada.

For more information on what is covered, please see UHIP Coverage Details.

UHIP Card and Account Access

All students will receive a Welcome to UHIP email from Manulife Cowan Insurance to their Lakehead Email every academic term starts, all our students. The email will provide students with a link to register for their UHIP coverage card and account access. Students will need their university email address, first name, last name, date of birth, and certificate number, as shown on their UHIP coverage card.

Registration to the online portal will provide the following services:

  • Submit claims online and view claim history

  • View UHIP Card and coverage details

    • View Explanation of Benefits Statement online

  • Update personal and banking information

  • Locate a provider that bills UHIP directly

We strongly encourage our students to print your UHIP card and have it with them at all times. A UHIP card is required when accessing health care.

Accessing Healthcare Provider

It is extremely important to carry a UHIP coverage card and supplementary health plan card to all medical appointments, as it will be required by the healthcare provider.

It is recommended to visit a healthcare provider through the Preferred Provider Network to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. A preferred health services provider (i.e., a provider that accepts UHIP) will record students’ information and bill Cowan, the insurance provider, directly towards medical consultation fees.

Lakehead University Student Health and Wellness Centre (SHWC) is a preferred health provider and offers on-campus appointments for all Lakehead University students.

Submit A Claim

If the students receive care from a provider outside of the preferred network (a provider that accepts UHIP), they will be required to pay directly and make a claim for reimbursement through the Cowan online member portal. Please note that some health care providers may charge beyond the UHIP reimbursement rates. Therefore, it is important to know that students will only be reimbursed for the UHIP rate.

Students can submit claims by answering a few questions and uploading an invoice or by using the pdf claim form

Application for UHIP Refund

May be eligible for a refund if one of the following applies:

  • Complete or Graduate from their program

  • Withdraw or deferral from their program

  • Leave Canada for an uncertain period

  • Eligible for OHIP coverage

  • Get a UHIP exemption

Not eligible to get a refund if one of the following applies:

  • Scheduled breaks between terms if this is the only period they are applying for a refund.

  • After March 1 of each academic year

If students would like to request a refund, please email

LUSU Health and Dental Plan

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) offers international students a comprehensive Health, Dental and Vision plan through WeSpeakStudent



LUSU Health and Dental Plan

Guard.Me International Insurance

Academic English Program (AEP) and Exchange (Global ME) students are automatically enrolled in Guard.Me.  You can contact if you have questions.

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