Science and Environmental Studies

Our Faculty of Science & Environmental Studies (SES) has ten departments: Anthropology, Biology Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography and the Environment, Geology, Mathematical Sciences, Sustainability Sciences and Physics. We have a variety of programs that cross departmental boundaries that include; Applied Bio-Molecular Science, Environmental Studies, Water Resource Sciences, and Environmental Science.

Interested in Science and Environmental Studies?

Our Faculty members teach both Undergraduate and Graduate students and there are many opportunities to work with them in their labs on research projects in various areas such as Condensed Matter, Physics, Behavioural Ecology, Geochemistry, Quantum-Chemical Exploration, Taphonomy of Residues and Trace Remains, DNA Forensics, Paleoecology, and many other exciting areas of Science.

What is The Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

The Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies provides students with flexibility. For example, our Bachelor of Science (General Program) allows students to choose from a wide variety of courses. The Faculty also provides preparation for professional accreditation in Geology and Chemistry Programs. Our HBSc programs provide students with a strong foundation for entering careers in Research, Education, Medicine, Law and other professions.



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