Faculty Council Meeting

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 1:00pm
ATAC 5036/OA 3041 - Deadline for Submission of Items for Agenda - Wednesday, December 6 at 4:30pm.


Date:        December 8, 2017
To:            Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Subject:     COUNCIL MEETING         
There will be a meeting of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council on:
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th FROM 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM IN ATAC 5036 / OA 3041.

RPD#:   8846994
Toll Free:   1-888-892-7292
46994# <== Please remember the # key.

    Ms. Dreeni Geer – Director, Human Rights and Equity
 1.    Approval of Agenda.
 2.    Approval of the following Minutes:   November 3, 2017.
 3.    Business Arising from the Minutes.
 4.    Dean’s Report.
 5.    Departmental/School Reports.
    i)  Indigenous Learning:  Calendar Changes:  
    2017-SOC-6298:  Discontinuing Indigenous Learning 3333.
    2017-SOC-6382:  Cross Listing Anthropology and Indigenous Learning courses.
    2017-SOC-6391:  Course title change for Indigenous Learning 3351.
    2017-SOC-6446:  Update Language to current standards.

ii)  Interdisciplinary Studies:  Calendar Changes: 

  2017-SOC-6337:  Change to course list for HBASC Human Nature Concentration.

  2017-SOC-6441:  Cross-Calendar SOCI 3811 and MDST 3811.

iii)  Music: Calendar Changes:  
    2017-SOC-6433:  Delete course MUSI 4951 ½ credit – change to Music 4900 Full credit course.
    2017-SOC-6434:  Create new full credit course from previous half credit course.

     v)  Political Science:  Calendar Changes:
    2017-SOC-6383:  POLI 3351 – Change description.

    vi)  Sociology:  Calendar Changes:
    2017-SOC-6404:  New Course.
    2017-SOC-6408:  New Course 3011 – Islam and the West.

    2017-SOC-6409:  Title Changes to Existing Courses
    2017-SOC-6411:  New Course SOCI 2012.

    2017-SOC-6412:  New Course SOCI 5011. 

    2017-SOC-6443:  NOTE added to SOC. 3112, 4010, 4114.

    2017-SOC-6435:  Sociology 3811 - requested it be cross calendared with MDST 3811.

    vii)  Visual Arts:  Calendar Changes:  
    2017-SOC-6373: FCE Changes.
    2017-SOC-6374:  New/deleted courses.
    2017-SOC-6432:  Add Cross Listed Course.
    viii)  History:  Calendar Changes:

    2017-SOC-6292:  Courses-Modifications and New-UG-Religious Studies.

 6.    Other Business.

        i)  Policies, Exams, and Timely Feedback.

       ii)  Items for Provost's Report.

      iii) United Way.

 7.    Next Faculty Council Meeting:    Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 10:30 am.
        Room ATAC 5036/ Orillia 3041

 8.    Adjournment.


November 3, 2017

A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, November 3rd, 2017, at 10:30 am in ATAC Board Room 5036/ Orillia 3041 – Teleconference/PolyCom.

Approval of Agenda
It was moved by A. Guttman seconded by J. Chisholm that the revised agenda be approved.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved by D. Ivison and seconded by M. Stevenson that the amended minutes from Friday, October 13th, 2017 be approved.

Business Arising from the Minutes

1.    A. Guttman inquired about contacting S. Maloney for lists of students that showed an interest in Lakehead at OUF.  R. Koster stated that they now have the lists electronically and were in the process of adding the hand written requests to the electronic files.

Dean’s Report

Dean’s Report to Faculty Council, Friday, November 3rd, 2017

D. Geer has been contacted and will be at our next Faculty Council meeting.  M. McPherson will try to attend.  

Provost – Aboriginal Initiatives

D. Baxter is the new the new Provost – Aboriginal Initiatives and has been meeting with all the Deans.  She will be meeting with all the Chairs and Directors, and her office will be contacting the departments/schools to set them up.  D. Baxter will be sending out a survey to assess students’ understanding of Aboriginal history.  She is currently looking at fourth year students.  A. Guttman suggested that they may want to look at second year as well as fourth year classes and also one Aboriginal and one not.  A. den Otter suggested second year as no fourth year students have taken any ICR classes.  The survey would be based on the student’s current knowledge out of high school.

Recruitment - Preview Day
A letter from C. O’Halloran, Manager of Undergraduate Recruitment, was sent out to all Chairs/Directors outlining recruitment dates.  Preview Day will be held on Tuesday, December 5th.  All are free to contact them for ideas and suggestions as to what activities might be used, ex. Bringing in alumni or recent graduates to speak with perspective students.

Research and Innovation Week
We have been asked by R. Nicholas if anyone from our Faculty is interested in participating at the mall on the Saturday during research week.  A short discussion followed.  

Visit from New Dean
E. Birmingham will be visiting our Thunder Bay campus next week.  She will be visiting with different departments during this trip, and all are on her list for her subsequent visits as well as Orillia.

Departmental/School Reports
i)  Indigenous Learning

 As there was no one from Indigenous Learning to speak to this calendar change, (2017-SOC-6298:
 Discontinuing Indigenous Learning 3333), it was tabled for our next Council meeting.

 ii)  Philosophy

It was moved by R. Maundrell and seconded by D. Ivison that the calendar changes for Philosophy be
2017-SOC-6268 A:  Programs-Modifications-UG-Philosophy-Addition of Compulsory Courses;  
2017-SOC-6269:  Courses-New and Discontinuation-UG-Philosophy-Retitling and Changing Year

iii)  Political Science: Calendar Changes:  

Dr. Zahir Kolia was introduced as a term appointment in Political Science.
It was moved by Z. Kolia and seconded by A. Guttman that the calendar changes for Political Science be
2017-SOC-6222-A-A:  Political Science: POLI 2110 is replacing 2212 and 2213 (both were discontinued to make 2011).  Adding this change to all programs;    
2017-SOC-62222-B:  Economics: Business 1056 and 1076 is replacing 1066 Political Science: POLI 2110 is replacing 2212 and 2213 (both were discontinued to make 2011).

Other Business

Hiring Requests
A. Guttman inquired about hiring requests for 2018/2019.  R. Koster stated the next year’s hiring would be based on enrolment numbers in order to create a budget projection.  She will ask the Provost to find out the timeline for hiring proposals.  A discussion followed regarding the timing of advertisements and the hiring process.

7.  Next Faculty Council Meeting:  Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at 10:30 am; Room:  ATAC 5036/OA 3041.

 It was moved by everyone that the meeting be adjourned.    Carried.

Thunder Bay Campus
Dr. J. Chisholm
Dr. A. Guttman
Dr. T. Puddephatt
Dr. R. Maundrell
Dr. K. Holmes
Dr. D. Ivison
Dr. G. Colton
Dr. Z. Kolia
Dr. S. Jacoba
Dr. R. Koster

Orillia Campus
M. Stevenson
A. den Otter


L. Chambers
J. Roth
R. Robson
H. Lemelin
T. Potter
I. Lemée
M. Beaulieu