Master of Social Work

Please note: in order to apply to our MSW program, all applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in Social Work from an accredited university, with at least a B average.

Read the Master of Social Work Application GuideThe MSW program at Lakehead University began in 1992 with a mission to train advanced generalist practitioners for practice in any context, Northern, rural or urban. Faculty members have expertise in many fields of practice, for example, child welfare, health care, mental health, family services, organizational development, food security, gerontology, rural health, Aboriginal and women’s issues. They also have in-depth knowledge and experience in a broad range of social work methods:  clinical practice with individuals and families, group work, supervision and administration, community development, social planning and policy analysis. Students are encouraged to use the entire faculty as resources for meeting their learning goals.

Lakehead has an innovative MSW program that offers a unique learning experience. Within the required courses and electives, faculty with diverse skills and expertise provide a strong, broad foundation of knowledge and skill for advanced generalist social work practice.  At the same time, students have the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest that is compatible with Faculty expertise and research interests and to shape their educational experience through their course work, research and practicum.

The MSW program offers both a practice track (project) and a research track (thesis).  Students whose learning goals are primarily advanced clinical practice may choose the practice track whereas students whose learning goals are to conduct independent research or to pursue a career in research, policy development or academics may complete the research track.

There are now hundreds of MSW graduates of Lakehead University working across Canada doing clinical practice, community development and administration. This includes graduates who have gone on to complete Doctoral degrees and are teaching in many Canadian Universities. We expect that you will soon join these many successful graduates.

We also provide opportunities for linking MSW studies with Gerontology and Women's Studies. You can review our list of faculty and areas of expertise in the MSW Application Guide.

Please complete and submit the on-line application, which you can obtain from the Graduate Studies website and arrange for one copy of official transcripts of your marks to be forwarded directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. You must also complete the supplemental information form and a study plan as part of the application.  Study plan information can be found in the MSW Application Guide.

When your file is complete, the Departmental Graduate Studies Admissions Committee will make their admission decision. You will be advised of their decision as well as the financial assistance you may expect for the year.

If you are offered a Graduate Assistantship, the assistantship constitutes remuneration which is determined yearly. This amount is paid over the combined fall and winter terms in exchange for two hundred and seventy (270) hours of work, which you will provide. Please refer to the Student Guide for this year's GA amount. The University also offers scholarships and bursaries, which must be applied for.

If you have any questions regarding the program please email the Faculty of Graduate Studies at and they would be pleased to answer them. For application information, please contact

We hope you will consider joining us at Lakehead University.

Dr. Angela Hovey, Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator