In this section you will find a variety of resources for our Field Placement Supervisors.  Please access our Supervisor Training Materials, the Education Databases and Additional Resources to support you in your role.  If you have difficulty accessing anything, please connect with your student or the Field Education Coordinator and we are happy to help. 


In the Supervisor Training Materials section you will find several resources that will help you orient to your role as a Field Placement Supervisor.  Please review the Lakehead Supervisor Training Package.  Additionally, we have included several resources that will support you to deepen your learning in this leadership role, in whatever capacity you feel is needed or desired.   Some resources here have been graciously shared by our University partners.  You are welcome to access these at your leisure if desired.

  • Lakehead Supervisor Training Package (sent to all supervisors at the beginning of each placement)

  • Lakehead Supervisor Training PowerPoint (Field Team is available to go to agencies or delivery this training virtually)

  • Carleton University’s Field Supervisor’s Resource Hub:  

The resource links are grouped into three categories:


    Literature  (fully accessible, without library access!)
  2. Training, Videos and Podcasts
  3. Comprehensive Resources


This section is a compilation of several large organizations who have created and/or offered webinars and other training opportunities that are focused on various areas of practice.  Most offerings from these sites are free.  You can access previous webinars and stay up to date on new content that is being released.  We hope this will be helpful to you in your continued professional development and interest, as well as provide opportunities for your students to enhance their learning.

General Social Work: 

CASW Continuing Education: 

OASW Learning Centre: 

University of Buffalo School of Social Work Podcasts: 

Mental Health: 

RNAO Mental Health Library : 


Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction: 


Gender-Based Violence: 

Western University Learning Network and Knowledge Hub (Gender-based violence): 

Anti-Human Trafficking: 

Freedom Collaborative: 

Emancipation Nation: 

Crisis and Trauma: 

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute: 

Children and Youth: 

International Federation of Social Workers - Covid and Children: 

Colorado School of Public Health - Injury and Violence Prevention (Child Welfare): 

Youth Rex - Resources for working with youth: 


Indigenous Canada- University of Alberta:


In this section you will find additional resources, including articles, videos and podcasts, that we hope can support you further with specific field supervision questions, challenges and general tasks.  If you are interested in any articles, please connect with your student or the Field Education Coordinator to help you gain access to Lakehead library materials.


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  • Article – Evaluating the effectiveness of social work education: Preparing students for practice learning: 

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