2013-2014 Course Outlines

Fall Courses

MATH 0212-FA      Quantitative Methods for the Health Scientist
MATH 1051-FA      Functions and Trigonometry
MATH 1071-FA      Vectors and Matrices
MATH 1130-FA      Math Skills for Native Access Students
MATH 1135-FA      Math for NNEP Student I
MATH 1151-FA      Calculus I Social & Life Sciences
MATH 1171-FA      Calculus I   
MATH 1210-FA      Calculus I for Engineers
MATH 2111-FA      Differential Equations 
MATH 2232-FA      Introduction to Abstract Algebra 
MATH 2255-FA      Linear Algebra I  
MATH 3071-FA      Discrete Math for Engineers  
MATH 3111-FA      Partial Differential Equations I
MATH 3131-FA      Methods of Mathematical Physics I
MATH 3171-FA      Complex Analysis
MATH 3231-FA      Introductory Analysis I 
MATH 3331-FA      Linear Programming & Applications 
MATH 3375-FA     Theory of Cryptology
MATH 5332-FA      Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

Full Year Courses:

MATH 5301-YA      Graduate Seminar

Winter Courses:

MATH 1077-WA      Sequences and Series
MATH 1272-WA      Logic, Set Theory, and Proofs
MATH 1152-WA      Calculus II for Social and Life Sciences
MATH 1172-WA      Calculus II
MATH 1172-WB      Calculus II
MATH 2070-WA      Applied Analysis II 
MATH 2234-WA      Topics in Abstract Algebra
MATH 2275-WA      Linear Algebra II
MATH 2311-WA      Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 3050-WA      Numerical Analysis & Computing
MATH 3113-WA      Partial Differential Equations II
MATH 3334-WA      Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH 3351-WA      Applied Numerical Methods
MATH 4151-WA      Advanced Calculus