2012-2013 Course Outlines

*Links to Course Outlines will be added as they are received from the instructor.

Fall Courses:

MATH 0212 FA    Quantitative Methods for Health Scientists
MATH 0212 FDE  Quantitative Methods for Health Scientists
MATH 1051 FA    Functions and Trigonometry
MATH 1071 FA    Vectors and Matrices
MATH 1130 FA    Math Skills for Native Access Students I
MATH 1135 FA    Math for NNEP Students I
MATH 1151 FA    Calculus I for Social and Life Sciences
MATH 1171 FA    Calculus I
MATH 1171 FB    Calculus I
MATH 1171 FAO  Calculus I
MATH 1210 FA    Calculus I for Engineers
MATH 1271 FA    Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2050 FA    Applied Analysis I
MATH 2111 FA    Differential Equations
MATH 2232 FA    Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 2255 FA    Linear Algebra I
MATH 2310 FA    Elementary Probability and Statistics
MATH 3012 FA    Vector Analysis
MATH 3012 FB    Vector Analysis
MATH 3071 FA    Discrete Mathematics for Engineers
MATH 3111 FA    Partial Differential Equations I
MATH 3131 FA    Methods of Mathematical Physics I
MATH 3171 FA    Complex Analysis
MATH 3231 FA    Introductory Analysis I
MATH 3332 FA    Introduction to Mathematical Probability
MATH 3371 FA    Computational Linear Algebra and Numerical Approximation I
MATH 4030 FA    Probability and Statistics
MATH 4030 FB    Probability and Statistics
MATH 4112 FA    Introduction to Functional Analysis
MATH 5112 FA     Functional Analysis
MATH 5331 FA     Advanced Topics in Statistics
MATH 9801 FA     Project Research/Writing
MATH 9901 FA     Master's Thesis Research/Writing

Full Year Courses:

MATH 4301 YA    Honours Seminar
MATH 5301 YA    Graduate Seminar

Winter Courses:

MATH 0210 WAO  Quantitative Methods for the Social Scientist
MATH 1077 WA     Sequences and Series
MATH 1078 WA    Elementary Calculus
MATH 1131 WA     Math Skills for Native Access Students II
MATH 1136 WA     Math for NNEP Students II
MATH 1152 WA    Calculus II for Social and Life Sciences
MATH 1172 WA    Calculus II
MATH 1172 WAO  Calculus II
MATH 1230 WA    Calculus II for Engineers
MATH 1272 WA    Logic, Set Theory and Proofs
MATH 2070 WA    Applied Analysis II
MATH 2131 WA    Vector Calculus
MATH 2275 WA    Linear Algebra II
MATH 2311 WA    Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 3032 WA    Complex Functions and PDEs
MATH 3032 WB    Complex Functions and PDEs
MATH 3050 WA    Numerical Analysis and Computing
MATH 3113 WA    Partial Differential Equations II
MATH 3133 WA    Methods for Mathematical Physics II
MATH 3233 WA    Introductory Analysis II
MATH 3334 WA    Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH 3351 WA    Applied Numerical Methods
MATH 3356 WA    Mathematical Problem Solving
MATH 4151 WA    Advanced Calculus
MATH 5111 WA     Topology
MATH 5119 WA     Abstract Algebra
MATH 5333 WA     Advanced Topics in Probability (Stochastic Processes)
MATH 9801 WA     Project Research/Writing
MATH 9901 WA     Master's Thesis

Spring/Summer Courses:

MATH 0212 SDE   Quantitative Methods for Health Scientists
MATH 4030 SA     Probability and Statistics