Academic Advising

In order to provide effective, timely, and accessible academic guidance to our students and to help with retention, the School of Kinesiology has a strong advisee program.  An academic advisor is assigned to each of the undergraduate year levels.  Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to plan their curriculum, discuss postgraduate study and career options, as well as to seek support for a variety of academic concerns.  All student degree audits are reviewed after Fall grades are submitted and those considered at risk are contacted in January and advised on how they might proceed to improve their status. If you are a graduate student please contact the appropriate advisor listed in the table below.

Please note, if immediate attention is required and your advisor is unavailable, one of the other advisors may be able to assist you.


Kinesiology Advisors
Student GroupAvailable Advisor
All first (1st) year studentsDr. Carlos Zerpa
All second (2nd) year studentsDr. Derek Kivi
All third (3rd) year studentsLeanne Smith
All fourth (4th) year studentsDr. Ian Newhouse
All MSc (thesis) studentsDr. John Gotwals
All MSc (course-based) and GDip studentsErin Sargent