Master of Science (Thesis)


Program Description

The thesis-based Master of Science in Kinesiology employs a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on the study of human performance from a scientific perspective. The program of study centres around eight content areas:

  • adapted physical activity
  • biomechanics
  • sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • exercise physiology 
  • motor control and learning 
  • psychology of physical activity 
  • sociocultural
  • health promotion

When making course selections, students choose a discipline orientation that involves an in-depth study of Kinesiology in one or more of the above areas of content. Opportunities exist for students to take electives outside of our program.

MSc in Kinesiology: Gerontology Specialization (Thesis-based)

The Gerontology Program collaborates with five departments including Kinesiology, to provide students with an innovative, interdisciplinary learning perspective. Students have the opportunity to access multifaceted resources and work together with complementary disciplines.

Research and theory in Gerontology is reviewed, and the thesis or major project taken in the collaborating academic unit will have a gerontological focus. For additional information on the Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Gerontology, please visit the Gerontology website.

NOTE: Students in these programs must complete all requirements within six terms (2 years) of continuous registration.


Four and a half FCE courses are required to fulfill the requirements for graduation. The required thesis (Kinesiology 5901) is equivalent to two and a half FCE courses. Other required half-courses include:

Kinesiology 5010 - Research Methods and Design
Kinesiology 5011 - Statistical Analysis in Kinesiology

Students then choose 1 FCE elective from the following half-courses:

Kinesiology 5012 – Knowledge Translation in Kinesiology and Health Research
Kinesiology 5032 - Psychology of Physical Activity
Kinesiology 5035 - Lifestyle Management and Health Behaviour Change
Kinesiology 5052 - Exercise Physiology for Human Performance

Kinesiology 5055 - Interprofessional Education and Wellness
Kinesiology 5070 - Directed Studies
Kinesiology 5073 - Seminar in Adapted Physical Activity Research
Kinesiology 5090 - Special Topics
Kinesiology 5110 - Advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology
Kinesiology 5131 - Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Kinesiology 5151 - Measurement Theory and Practice in Kinesiology
Kinesiology 5170 - Seminar in Motor Control
Kinesiology 5453 - Advanced Biomechanics
Kinesiology 5730 - Issues in Gerontological Research

Note: Depending on the program of study, a student may determine, in consultation with his/her supervisor and the coordinator, other courses offered at Lakehead University which are appropriate for his/her course of study.

Admission & Eligibility

Applicants for admission must be graduates of a recognized university, college, or institute as well as show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the Admission Requirements of a particular program, degree students must have a four year bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at least second class standing (B) based on their last 20 half courses or equivalent.

An applicant holding a degree other than one in the discipline area to which admission is sought will be considered on the basis of courses taken and academic standing. A Qualifying Year at the undergraduate level may be required to meet the admission standards. Courses taken as part of a Qualifying Year cannot be used as credit towards a graduate degree.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. No candidate will be admitted unless the academic unit recommends admission. All applicants will be advised by the Office of Graduate Studies in writing of their admission status.

Students interested in the thesis-based master’s degree are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly and before submitting an application for graduate study.

International Applicants:

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