Potential Supervisors

Dr. Paolo Sanzo with a background of a vibrant painting

Dr. Erin Pearson

  • Health promotion; lifestyle psychology; motivational interviewing; life coaching
  • Currently accepting applicants
  • erin.pearson@lakeheadu.ca

Dr. Pearson's research program is health promotion oriented with a focus on behaviour modification, lifestyle psychology, and motivation-based interventions. Specifically, projects centre around: 1) community-based programs for children, youth, and families; 2) evaluating the utility of Co-Active coaching/motivational interviewing as strategies to promote health; and 3) developing/implementing ways to optimize dimensions of wellness in at-risk populations. Integral to Dr. Pearson's research is the opportunity to collaborate with community-based organizations and local stakeholders to create asset-focused, participant informed projects.

Headshot of John Gotwals over a winter backdop

Dr. John Gotwals

Perfectionism is one of the most encouraged and endorsed characteristics in sport and exercise. It is associated with enhanced performance as well as psychopathology, distress, and dysfunction. My primary research stream examines this paradox. What is perfectionism, how can it be measured, what are the mechanisms that connect it to desirable and undesirable outcomes, and what can be done to change those relationships?

Secondary lines of research include green exercise and the psychology of sport injury.

Headshot of Paolo Sanzo

Dr. Paolo Sanzo

My research integrates the clinical, biomechanical, and physiological aspects of human movement and neuromusculoskeletal injuries exploring of the medical and clinical uses of shockwave therapy as it applies to failed tendon and bone healing, taping and bracing as an adjunct to rehabilitation and sport performance, biomechanical analysis of concussion, manual therapy and length tension testing in various musculoskeletal disorders, and the integration of medical technologies for both assessment and treatment purposes.

Headshot of Dr. Eryk Przysucha

Dr. Eryk Przysucha

  • Motor Control & Learning/Psychometrics/Exercise Prescription
  • Currently accepting applicants
  • eprzysuc@lakeheadu.ca
  • "Degrees of Freedom problem" (Bernstein, 1967) is one of the most intriguing issues in motor coordination and control, across typically and atypically developing populations. I am have been interested in examining these issues in children with and without movement difficulties, older adults, and more recently in individuals with stroke (https://www.lakeheadu.ca/research-groups/otm).
  • I have a keen interest in psychometrics as the notion of measurement is essential to any inquiry in behavioural sciences.
  • Also, as a former athlete I am interested in enhancement of motor performance in athletes, particularly via plyometric training.
Headshot of Dr. Ian Newhouse

Dr. Ian Newhouse, Director, School of Kinesiology

My general research interests are in the area of exercise physiology, sports medicine and interprofessional education. Doctoral research examined the effects of iron deficiency and supplementation in female athletes. Research has since evolved in two ways; from a human performance focus to a much broader human health application. Recent research involves prevention of chronic disease through lifestyle interventions.

Headshot of Dr. Taryn Klarner Read

Dr. Taryn Klarner Read

Dr. Klarner Read's research is two fold focusing first on the basic structure and function of motor control pathways in the nervous system and how they may adapt. Secondly, this knowledge is applied to design and support rehabilitation interventions for those with neurological damage.

Headshot of Nicholas Ravanelli

Dr. Nicholas Ravanelli, CSEP-CEP

Climate change has resulted in an increase in ambient temperature globally, with more frequent, longer lasting, and intense periods of extreme heat. While the negative health consequences of heat stress are completely preventable, our warming world is challenging how we live, work, and play. My externally funded research program is focused on understanding the behavioural and physiological responses to heat stress throughout the lifespan, and how technology can be used to monitor and protect individuals from heat-related complications.

Headshot of Carlos Zerpa

Dr. Carlos Zerpa

My research focuses on injury biomechanics in the area of concussion and antalgic gait pattern. More specifically, I focus on the application of biomechanics measurement techniques and sensory technologies to assess, improve or develop assistive devices for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Currently, I am working on the development and assessment of thermoplastic helmet liner technologies and prosthetic devices using simulations and human trials.

Headshot of John Kivi

Dr. Derek Kivi

My research interests are in the area of applied sport and exercise science. More specifically, my research integrates both biomechanical and physiological aspects of movement and performance and includes the following areas of focus: kinematics and kinetics of human movement and locomotion, sports biomechanics, and strength training and conditioning.