The Plunge of the Lakehead - Orillia Polar Bears

(Orillia - February 11, 2007) Three members of the Lakehead University - Orillia Campus have taken community building to an entirely new level. Administrative Assistant Heidi Berry and Professors Linda Rodenburg and Derek Irwin took a leap into Lake Couchiching as part of Orillia's Winter Carnival Polar Bear Dip. In doing this, they raised $415 for local community projects.
Sporting Thunderwolves blankets tied into capes, the trio strutted down to the water with great deliberation and confidence, while the MC extolled the virtues of having the Lakehead campus in the community. Then, flamboyantly throwing off their magnificent blue capes, they took the plunge. Witnesses corroborate that most of the high-pitched screams were from Linda and Heidi.
As an added treat, A-Channel news featured an interview with Professor Irwin, where he deliberated on his new-found super-powers. He adds, "Although I'm not sure when I will again be called upon to jump into a frozen lake and then very quickly run out, I feel pleased to know that I do at least have this ability. I hope to perfect some form of levitation next."
The three heroes were also featured on the Orillia Packet and Times website, where the video of their jump can be found:

Lakehead U Social Sciences and Humanities Researchers Now Have Online Access to Resources

(Thunder Bay - February 9, 2007) Lakehead University's social sciences and humanities researchers now have a greater access to a wide range of research content through licensing and purchase agreements with Canadian and international publishers.

On February 8, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced a $19.1-million investment to support the development of a new infrastructure for social sciences and humanities research. The funds were awarded to the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), a consortium of Canadian universities which provides its members with desktop access to a wide range of research content through licensing and purchase agreements with Canadian and international publishers.

The acquisition of digital content from international sources will enable researchers and graduate students to draw upon a wealth of digital journals, databases, and other scholarly content from social sciences and humanities disciplines. Lakehead University is one of 67 participating universities across the country.

"Giving our researcher access to this expansive collection will greatly enhance the capacity of our researchers to amass more knowledge in their area of expertise," says Anne Deighton, Lakehead University's Chief Librarian. "CRKN has been a great value to our faculty and students since its inception in 1999, and this new infrastructure just adds upon the value of the Network."

The initiative is an expansion of an already successful CRKN program that provides Canadian researchers with access to international content in the natural and health sciences. The University of Ottawa will be the host institution for this new national infrastructure.

Members of the Media: Anne Deighton or Rui Wang can be reached for interview by calling Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177.

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network is a partnership of Canadian universities, dedicated to expanding digital content for the academic research enterprise in Canada. Through the coordinated leadership of librarians, researchers, and administrators, CRKN undertakes large-scale content acquisition and licensing initiatives in order to build knowledge infrastructure and research capacity in Canada's universities.

Lakehead U Student's Research on Smoking Cessation Receives Provincial Award

(Thunder Bay - February 7, 2007) A Lakehead University student's research project on smoking cessation clinical practice guidelines in Ontario First Nations has received accolades.
Lynda Roberts, a Master's in Public Health/Health Services and Policy Research candidate, received the Ashley Studentships for Research in Tobacco Control from the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU). Roberts is one of 10 students who received the award this year. Her research project is entitled "An Assessment of Adherence to Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines in Northwestern Ontario First Nations."
Roberts will receive $7,000 from OTRU, which is an Ontario-based research network that is recognized as a Canadian leader in tobacco control research, monitoring and evaluation, teaching, and training and as a respected source of science-based information on tobacco control. The Ashley Studentships for Research in Tobacco Control were created to increase tobacco research capacity in Ontario by developing a future generation of tobacco researchers and practitioners.
"My study will gather data on the current practices of community-based health care workers with respect to smoking cessation initiatives, specifically the health system approaches of consistent identification, documentation, and treatment of every tobacco user," Roberts says. "The intent of my research is to conduct an assessment of adherence to Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines within a sample of First Nation primary health care settings in Northwestern Ontario."
Roberts' research work will be supervised by Dr. Patricia Smith, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, who is currently conducting a larger study funded by the Northern Cancer Research foundation titled "A Multi-Level Assessment of Inpatient Tobacco Use and Adherence to Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines in Northwestern Ontario Hospitals."
To date, over 64 studentships have been awarded to students from academic programs in the health sciences, social sciences, and humanities at post-secondary institutions across Ontario. Roberts is Lakehead's third Master's in Public Health student to receive the Studentship award. Ann Marie Chlebovec and Michelle Doucette previously won this award.
Members of the Media: To contact Lynda Roberts, call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177.

Lakehead University – Orillia Campus Faculty and Staff Give Back to the Community

(Thunder Bay - January 31, 2007) The faculty and staff at Lakehead University - Orillia Campus have been working hard to give back to a local community service which has helped them in the past.
The North Simcoe Victim Crisis Services came to the aid of Lakehead University - Orillia Campus faculty, staff, and students when they were dealing with the loss of faculty member Dr. Jiri Smrz on November 15, 2006. Since that time, the 19 staff and faculty members have been working hard to raise funds internally to donate back.
"Our Campus was deeply affected by the loss of Dr. Smrz, and having the North Simcoe Victim Crisis Services offer trauma support to us was tremendously welcomed," says Dr. Sally-Ann Burnett, Director of Operations at the Orillia Campus. "As a group, we have been doing fundraising, and are pleased to be giving close to $700 to this wonderful service."
Fundraising initiatives, such as dress-down days, will continue on the campus as regular events, with all the proceeds this academic year going to the North Simcoe Victim Crisis Services.
"It may not be a huge donation, but it's all been raised by the 19 people working here, and what's more important, is that it is given from the heart," Dr. Burnett adds.
Members of the media may reach Dr. Burnett for interview at (705) 329-4298.

Lakehead University Honoured for Energy Conservation on Campus

On January 18, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer of the Ontario Power Authority, Peter Love, will be making a presentation to the Lakehead University community about conservation efforts in the province as well as giving an award to Lakehead University for its conservation efforts.
In the past three years, Lakehead University has been working with Johnson Controls to create energy savings on campus. To date $1,643,761 in savings have been made through conservation efforts.
To update the University community of the results of Lakehead's conservation efforts to date, an Energy Awareness booth will be hosted in the Agora with presentations and tours throughout the day. The agenda is as follows:
10 a.m. Energy Awareness information display (all day-long)
12:30 p.m. Johnson Control and Lakehead University presents the successes on campus
12:45 p.m. Johnson Controls presents a scholarship to Lakehead University
12:50 p.m. Peter Love, Chief Energy Conservation Officer, speaks about provincial energy conservation and presents Lakehead University with award
1:15 p.m. Media Interviews with Peter Love
1:25 p.m. Open Q&A with Peter Love
1:25 p.m. Media tour of campus improvements with Hugh Briggs, Lakehead University's Manager, Mechanical/Electrical Systems
Members of the Media are welcome to attend any of the day's events. Please note, interview time with Peter Love and a tour has been set aside specifically for the media. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 for more information.

Orillia Campus Launches Post Card Design Contest

(Orillia - January 11, 2007) Lakehead University - Orillia Campus is looking for artists to design a post card promoting the University in Simcoe County. Anyone with a desire to design a creative promotional piece for Lakehead University - Orillia Campus is welcome to submit a design to this contest.
The aim of this contest is to promote Lakehead University and create community awareness in a way that engages the community in a hands-on fashion.
"This is a chance for residents in the area to get involved in a creative way with the growth of Lakehead University - Orillia Campus," says Dr. Sally-Ann Burnett, Director of Operations at the Orillia Campus. "We are looking for something which exemplifies the themes we've been developing this year: growth, community, and making a difference. These themes are encapsulated in the taglines: Plant Your Seed Here; Your University is Closer than Ever; and Make Your Mark."
While it is not required to include any the taglines in the post card design, the design should reflect one of the themes. Completed artwork should be submitted in either an electronic form, freehand, or photography media. Complete guidelines can be found online at
The deadline for post card submission is April 30, 2007. Post card winners will be decided by five local judges in early May, 2007. The size of the submission must be 81/2" x 11" or 4" x 6" only. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st place receives $150; 2nd second place receives $100; and 3rd place receives $50. All winners receive 50 copies of their postcard.
For more information, contact Jennelle Therrien at the Orillia Campus at 705-330-4019.