“Celebrating Gerontology” an Opportunity to Discuss Issues Related to Aging

(Thunder Bay - March 22, 2005) Interdisciplinary Programs in Gerontology at Lakehead University, along with the Center for Education and Research in Aging and Health (CERAH), are pleased to announce that Wednesday, March 23 is Celebrating Gerontology day.

Celebrating Gerontology is designed to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, researchers, and community partners to discuss and debate issues related to aging. As well, the day will promote the interdisciplinary gerontological research, education, and practice that are being conducted at Lakehead U.

The highlight of Celebrating Gerontology is a performance of "Remember Me for Birds," an ethnodrama that raises awareness about aging, autonomy, and mental health. Written and performed by Cheryl McLean, an educator, trainer and creative arts therapist, Remember Me for Birds" is based on field research conducted while McLean worked with older persons in low-income supported living residences in an area of Montreal. The one-hour solo performance is free and takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. in UC-1017.

From 10 a.m. until 12 noon, there will be poster presentations of Gerontology students' research being showcased in the Agora. The Gerontology Student Club, Interdisciplinary Programs in Gerontology, and CERAH will have information booths set up.

The day ends with McLean presenting at the Careers in Aging Speaker Series from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in RC-1002. The goal of the Speaker Series is to introduce students to career opportunities in the field of aging by inviting a variety of professionals to talk about how they have made a career for themselves in Gerontology.

For more information contact Dr. Christine Knight, Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs in Gerontology, Lakehead University at (807) 766-7212 or cknight@lakeheadu.ca


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113

Lakehead U Announces New PhD in Forest Sciences

(Thunder Bay - Tuesday, March 15, 2005) Lakehead University is pleased to announce a new PhD-level program -- Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Sciences.

This new doctoral program will be accepting students in September, 2005. Dr. Reino Pulkki, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, says that while this new program is hosted by the Faculty of Forestry, it is an interdisciplinary program with faculty from several academic units.

"The PhD in Forest Sciences will draw mainly from forestry; however, faculty in the Department of Biology and the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism will be an integral part of this doctorate," Dr. Pulkki says. "The program is the only program of its type in Northern Ontario, and we already have 12 professors participating in the PhD in Forest Sciences program."

The PhD in Forest Sciences will be a research-based program focused on the development of researchers with expertise in the Boreal and Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest Regions. Graduates from the program will find careers at universities, as research scientists, in all levels of government, with private industry, or with forestry and environmental consulting companies. They will be experts in forestry, forest conservation, environmental sciences linked to forest ecosystems, natural resources management and sustainable development, to name just a few areas.

"There is a severe shortage of people with a PhD in forest sciences within Canada," Dr. Pulkki says. "This is evident from our recent faculty recruitment efforts, and discussions with other universities and research organizations. All our graduates from our Master's programs have no difficulty securing employment."

The Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment currently offers two graduate degrees: the Master of Science in Forestry (MScF), which started in 1977, and the Master of Forestry (MF), which started in 1993.

"I am particularly pleased to see this new PhD offered at Lakehead University," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University. "It is the University's intention to continue to add educational opportunity at the doctorate level and this, our third PhD program, builds on the strength across our Faculties in forest sciences."

Members of the Media: Dr. Pulkki will be available for interview by calling the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment at 343-8564.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

International Students’ Association Share Food, Events at Lakehead U

(Thunder Bay - March 14, 2005) Lakehead University's International Students' Association will be hosting a cultural event to create an opportunity for the University community to share.

On Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m., the International Students Association will be having an "International Food Explosion Day" in The Study (University Centre above the Bookstore).

What: International Food Explosion Day
Where: The Study, Lakehead University (above the Bookstore)
When: Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m.

This will be a fantastic evening and an opportunity to share cultures, food, and friendship. This event is free, with donations accepted at the door. Proceeds will go towards a fund to be used for further International students' events. Everyone is welcome.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead U Outdoor Film Festival

(Thunder Bay - Monday, March 14, 2005) The Lakehead University Outdoor Film Festival takes place on Wednesday, March 16.

This festival features the work of Thunder Bay's film and video artists. There will be a variety of films capturing the lifestyles of outdoor enthusiasts.

What: Lakehead University Outdoor Film Festival
Where: Lakehead University, University Centre Theatre (UC-1017, across from Security)
When: Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m.

The cost of the festival is $4 or $2 with two non-perishable food items. All proceeds from this event go towards the Haven House and Shelter House in Thunder Bay.

Members of the Media are welcome to contact Judd Lee, Festival Organizer, at 344-9333 for interviews.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Ontario Genomics Institute Rep Presents at Lakehead U

(Thunder Bay - Monday, March 14, 2005) Lakehead University's Innovation Management Office will be hosting an information session by Rhonda Tannenbaum, the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) Director of Commercialization.

On Tuesday, March 15, Tannenbaum will be making a public presentation regarding OGI's Pre-Commercialization Business Development Fund.

The Ontario Genomics Institute was established in 2000 as a non-profit corporation to foster genomics research in Ontario. OGI is one of five genome centres across Canada working in partnership with Genome Canada to support national genomics research.

The OGI Pre-Commercialization Business Development Fund is available to entrepreneurial scientists and biotech SMEs who wish to validate a new technology or discovery that has commercial potential.

OGI will consider those investment opportunities where significant data is available and only the expansion of critical and confirmatory proof-of-principle tests are required. OGI will award up to $100,000 per investment. Information regarding the specific programs may be found at: http://www.ontariogenomicsinstitute.ca/businessDev/

Members of the Media are welcome to speak with Rhonda Tannenbaum or Barb Eccles, Lakehead U's Manager, Technology Transfer, between 3 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. on March 15. To set up an interview, call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 or 472-9113.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113.

Activism, Communities, Transgression: Representation of Bodies on Campus

(Thunder Bay -- March 10, 2005) Lakehead University will be hosting an interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium entitled "ACT (Activism, Communities, Transgression): Representations of Bodies on Campus." This symposium is intended to bring the campus together in a discussion of racism, sexism, and other "isms."

This day-long event includes focus-group discussions, a debate, a key-note presentation by author Kim Anderson, and a musical performance by the Wyrd Sisters in the evening. Both faculty and students will be presenting during this enlightening symposium.

This symposium is co-sponsored by Lakehead University's Graduate and International Studies office, Gender Issues Centre, and Student Union.

Members of the Media are welcome to drop into any session. Please call Marla at 343-8177 or 472-9113 if you plan on attending. For interviews, contact Alice den Otter, a faculty member in the English Department, at 343-8281.

ACT Schedule -- Friday, 11 March 2005

9:00 - 10:15 Racism and Other Isms Dealing with Representation in RB-3051
-- Focus Group Discussion led by Dr. Lauri Gilchrist, Associate Vice-Provost (Aboriginal Initiatives), Lakehead University. Coffee & Muffins will be served. Free event.

10:15 - 11:30Women in Science -- Film, with discussion afterwards led by Rachel Ariss, Women's Studies, Lakehead University. Free event. In AT-2001

11:30 - 12:30You Be the Judge -- Debate on Beauty Pageants by English Graduate Students, Lakehead University. Free event. In The Study.

12:30-2:30Lunch at the Outpost.

1:15-2:30An Unrelenting History of the Bathing Suit -- Slide
Presentation by Graduate Students, Lakehead University. Free event. In the Outpost.

2:30-4:15ACT: Possibilities and New Directions -- Position Papers by Students at Lakehead and York Universities. Free event.In RB -3051

4:15 - 5:30Representations of Bodies on Campus -- Keynoteaddress by Kim Anderson. Free event. In UC-1017

7:30 - closeThe Wyrd Sisters, with Opening ACTS by various local
musical performers. Tickets for concert $5.00. In the Outpost


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead U, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead University Native Student Association's Annual Pow Wow

(Thunder Bay - March 10, 2005) The Lakehead University Native Student Association's Annual Pow Wow, organized by the Lakehead University Aboriginal Awareness Centre, will take place this weekend.

What: Lakehead U Native Student Association's Pow Wow
When: March 11, 12, and 13
Where: C.J. Sander's Fieldhouse

The theme of this year's Pow Wow is "Naanaagdoowendmang Ishkodekaanan -- Taking Care of the Sacred Fires." The Host Drum will be Big Stone, and the head dancers are Bonnie Anderson and Ken Gardner.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this event. For more information and event times, contact Ian at 346-7713.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113.

Lakehead U Celebrates Pride Central’s 10th Anniversary

On March 9, 1995, students at Lakehead University took a gigantic step forward and opened the doors of The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Centre, a student resource centre focused on educating people on issues of homophobia and creating a safe space on campus for all students, staff, and faculty. Ten years have passed since, and the legacy lives on in Pride Central.

On Wednesday, March 9, 2005, a reception will be held at 6:30 p.m. in Lakehead University's coffee house, The Study, to celebrate the achievements of the last ten years.

Members of the Media are invited to come and share in the celebration, interview past and present Pride Central Coordinators, and learn about the history of Pride at Lakehead University.

Contact: Richella Hyde, Pride Central Coordinator 2004-2005, 343-8813 lupride@lakeheadu.ca


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead U, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113

Lakehead U Professor to Speak at the Royal Society of Arts

(Thunder Bay - March 9, 2005) Dr. Gary Genosko, Canada Research Chair in Technoculture Studies and professor of Sociology, has accepted an invitation to speak at the prestigious Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London, Englandduring a conference on Ecology and Politics Within Artistic Practice.

Dr. Gary Genosko
The event takes place in April at the RSA headquarters in London, England. This year's theme is devoted to the movement towards a zero-waste society. The RSA invitation was extended to Dr. Genosko because of his expertise on the life and work of the late French intellectual activist Félix Guattari, whose final book was on social, mental, and environmental ecologies and the importance of artistic practices for quality of life. Dr. Genosko will be joining a distinguished group of scholars drawn from around the globe.

His speech is entitled "Prospects for a Transdisciplinary Ecology." In addition to his other training, Dr. Genosko holds a graduate degree in Environmental Studies.

The RSA is a charitable organization whose goal is "encouraging the development of a principled, prosperous society and the release of human potential."


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113.

Lakehead U’s Steel Bridge Team Takes Second

(Thunder Bay - Tuesday, March 8, 2005) The Lakehead University Civil Engineering team received a second-place standing at the American Institute of Steel Construction/American Society for Civil Engineering Mid-West Regional Student Steel Bridge Competition this past weekend at Iowa State University.

The Team building their bridge.

On March 5, the Team,made up of Ken Clausen, Erick Fisk, Christopher George, Andrew Miller, and David Chen, traveled to Ames, Iowa, to compete in the annual competition.

The goal of the competition is to design a 1/10 scale model for replacement of a century-old bridge that crosses an emergent wetland. The models, approximately 22ft long, are erected under simulated field conditions and then load tested. The specification for the bridge changes each year, challenging the engineering skills of Civil Engineering students from universities all over the United States as well as Canada. The event tests the students' structural design capabilities and challenges them to fabricate and construct their design. The bridges are judged based on lightness, construction speed, stiffness (deflection), aesthetics, efficiency, and economy.

The students design the bridge and make the components at the University prior to the competition. At the event, spectators watch as the teams assemble their bridges as quickly as possible. After construction, the assembled bridges are weighed and loaded with 2500 lbs of steel to test strength and stiffness. An additional challenge for this year's competition was to simulate a loaded truck crossing the bridge. The placement of the loading was determined by the roll of a dice. The team had to design their bridge by examining thirty-six possible load cases.

The 2nd place ranking qualifies Lakehead for the U.S. National Steel Bridge Competition for a 7th consecutive year. There will be about 45 teams at the National Competition which will be held in Orlando, Florida on May 27-28. Lakehead teams have an excellent record at the national level, placing 10th in 2001, 2nd in 2002, and 5th in 2003.

The team is looking for sponsors for their upcoming competition. Anyone interested can contact 343-8755.

MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA: The teams' faculty advisors, Dr. Tony Gillies (343-8755) and Dr. Timo Tikka (343-8560) are available for interview. Photos are available upon request.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead U, 343-8177 or 472-9113