Honours for Lakehead U's Department of Psychology

(Thunder Bay - June 13, 2005) Lakehead University's Department of Psychology has received a number of honours from the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).
The CPO is the government-appointed regulating body for the professional practices of Psychologists and Psychological Associates in the province. The College has recognized the accomplishments of several Lakehead U Psychology faculty and alumni of its Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.
Dr. Kirsten Oinonen (graduate and Assistant Professor) and Dr. Louise Maxfield (graduate and Adjunct Professor) are two of 59 new Psychologists in the past 6 months issued with Certificates Authorizing Autonomous Practice in Ontario.
Dr. Tanya Spencer (graduate and Sessional Lecturer), Dr. Jeannette Prenger (graduate), and Dr. Christine Knight (graduate) are three out of 69 new Psychologists in the past 6 months issued with Certificates Authorizing Supervised Practice in Ontario.
"Obtaining these certificates is a rigorous evaluative process of one's professional suitability to practise psychology that involves oral and written examinations of the College, plus a full year of supervised clinical practise post-PhD. Thus, our colleagues truly deserve recognition for their accomplishments," says Dr. Ron Davis, Chair, Department of Psychology. "What's more, most of our Psychologist graduates stay in Northern Ontario to practise and teach Psychology."
Dr. Davis has recently been appointed by the College to represent Ontario Graduate Training Programs in Clinical Psychology for a three-year term. He is one of 10 volunteering, elected, or appointed Psychologists/Psychological Associate Council members of the College. He joins the Psychology
Department's Dr. Josephine Tan, who was elected in 2004 by College members to represent Northern Ontario for a three-year term.
For more information, Dr. Davis can be reached directly by calling 807-343-8646.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead U’s Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Certificate Program Wins National Award

(Thunder Bay - June 13, 2005) The Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Certificate Program has recently been honoured by the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (CAUCE) in the local/regional Programs category.
These awards recognize excellence in university continuing education programs in Canada, and nurture the concept of scholarship of practice inherent in the program development process. The competition is adjudicated by a committee of professional peers from across Canada, and a winner is selected from three categories: local/regional, national, and international. A program in the local/regional category draws on local resources and is primarily aimed at a local/regional audience, although it may attract students from farther away through technologies.
The goal of the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Certificate Program is to promote the provision of excellent care to people who are chronically and terminally ill, and to their families. This is achieved through education about palliative care, its history, theories, and best practices. The program is for both current students in university as well as professionals in health and social care. The certificate can be obtained via distance education through Lakehead U's Office of Continuing Education and Distributed Learning (CEDL), and it is the only university-credit program of its kind in Canada.
"This recognition by CAUCE is wonderful because we do have something here that is very special and unique," says Professor Mary Lou Kelley, a faculty member of Lakehead's School of Social Work, and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Certificate Program. "This award recognizes innovation, and our program is innovative and collaborative. We draw on the expertise from people within the field of palliative care. Our community partners work with us to ensure we have a truly interdisciplinary approach to palliative care education."
The certificate for this program may be obtained either on its own through part-time or distance education, or students may incorporate the four required half credits within the program in which they are currently enrolled.
"We are very proud of this recognition," says Gwen Wojda, Director, Continuing Education and Distributed Learning, Lakehead University. "Programs such as the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Certificate help us reach out to people both on-and-off campus, allowing individuals to complete the program at their own pace and in a fashion which works best with their life. The CAUCE recognition demonstrates the excellence of the program, its method of delivery, and its ability to reach so many students."
Mary Lou Kelley and Gwen Wojda are available for interview by calling Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, at 807-343-8177.
The Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE) is a professional association of deans, directors, senior administrative personnel and practitioners whose professional careers are in university continuing education in Canada.
Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113

Orillia Embraces Lakehead U Campus

30 Community Members Involved in Task Force

(Thunder Bay - June 13, 2005) The City of Orillia is showing enormous community support for the Lakehead University Orillia campus. An Implementation Task Force has been created with volunteers from both Lakehead University and the City of Orillia, and there are 30 Orillia members involved in the Task Force at varying levels.

In order to achieve the objectives of this important partnership, academic and business plans are to be developed over the coming months by the Implementation Task Force and its working committees. It is expected that these plans will result in the offering of courses and programs in Orillia. While initially the role of ATAC and distributed learning will be critical in fulfilling a September 2006 start date, additional faculty and staff will be recruited to meet the demand in Orillia. These positions would have dual functionality in that the Orillia-based personnel will be able to deliver programming and student support to Thunder Bay. In essence, Lakehead University would have two campuses with considerable integration of resources and academic programming.

"The City of Orillia is excited to be a part of Lakehead University," says Ron Stevens, Mayor of the City of Orillia. "We have had a fantastic response from the volunteers on the Implementation Task Force, and we look forward to working with our Thunder Bay colleagues to help bring the Orillia campus to fruition."

The Orillia volunteers include City of Orillia employees as well as members from the community and surrounding areas, including Oro Medonte, Severn Township, and Ramara Township. In the main Task Force, 12 members make up the Orillia team, and the Lakehead U portion of the Task Force comprises 22 University administration, faculty, and staff members.

The Task Force has five working committees: Facilities, Student Services, Human Resources, Student Life, and Academic needs. Within these committees, an additional 18 members of the Orillia community are taking part in the development of the Orillia Campus. There is also an Academic Planning Task Force working on the potential degree programs to be offered in Orillia.

"The Orillia Campus Implementation Task Force is an important step towards the realization of an Orillia campus," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University. "I am pleased to see this outpouring of interest from the community of Orillia. Only by working together like this can we ensure that we will succeed in this branch campus endeavour."

A complete list of the Implementation Task Force membership can be obtained by calling Marla Tomlinson at (807) 343-8177.

MEDIA: Dr. Fred Gilbert can by contacted by calling Marla Tomlinson at (807) 343-8177, and Ron Stevens, can be contacted by calling Robert Lamb, Manager of Economic Development, City of Orillia, at (705) 325-4900.

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead U Social Sciences and Humanities Researchers Receive Funding

(Thunder Bay - June 3, 2005) Lakehead University is pleased to announce the results of the annual Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) research grants competition. Five Lakehead U researchers have been awarded Standard Research Grants (SRG) totalling $332,636.
These new SRG researchers join the three 2005 Northern Research Development Program (NRDP) grant winners, one Aboriginal Research grant winner, and one Official Languages Research and Dissemination grant winner, bringing Lakehead U's new SSHRC grants total to $720,062 this past year (a complete listing of new and previous Lakehead SSHRC winners is attached).
"Lakehead University's success with SSHRC grants proves that the University's researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities are working on important and emerging issues," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University. "I commend all of Lakehead's SSHRC winners. Their work adds to the rich diversity of the research culture on campus, and is helping to position Lakehead U as a leading-edge research institution."
The 2005 grant winners join the nine other SSHRC researchers on campus whose research fuels innovative thinking about issues involving social, economical, environmental, and global impact.
"I offer my congratulations to our new SSHRC-funded researchers," says Dr. Rui Wang, Vice President (Research), Lakehead University. "These researchers are a part of our growing network of innovative thinkers looking to add to the breadth of human knowledge and social understanding. I look forward to seeing where their work will take us."
In addition to these faculty grants, 13 graduate students have received SSHRC grants - 11 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level, 1 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, and 1 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship at the doctoral level. These students will be putting their knowledge to practice with research directly involved in their area of study.
Faculty and student researchers are available for interview. For contact names, please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177.
Lakehead University SSHRC Awards: New and Continuing

Recently Announced Standard Research Grants (SRG)
Matthew Boyd, Department of Anthropology, Lakehead University, and Tamara Varney, University of Manitoba, "Socioeconomic Transformations at the North American Prairie-Forest Interface, ca. 100 BC - AD 1500", 2005-2008, total amount: $93,947.
Todd Dufresne, Department of Philosophy, "Trauma and the Birth of Psychoneuroses: Medical Discourse from Railway Spine to Shell Shock", 2005-2008, total amount: $22,513.
Alexandra Lawson, Faculty of Education, "The Development and Progression of Children's Invented Calculation Methods from Direct Modelling to Efficient Algorithms", 2005-2008, total amount: $85,098.
Todd Randall, Department of Geography, "Balancing Density Preferences and Land Use Diversity for Urban Sustainability", 2005-2008, total amount: $45,166.
Constance Russell, Faculty of Education, "Primate-Focused Ecotourism as Environmental Education", 2005-2008, total amount: $85,912.

Other New Awards over the Past Year
Northern Research Development Program (NRDP)
Keith Brownlee, School of Social Work Lakehead University, John R. Graham, University of Calgary, "Localization of Social Work in Northern Canada", 2005-2007, total amount: $39,996.
Margaret Johnston, School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism, JoAnne Zamparo, School of Social Work, Lakehead University, Amornrat Apinunmahakul, University of Windsor, G. David Twynam, University College of the Caribou, Lynn A. Sutherland, Yukon College, "Northern Community and Special Events: Outcomes of Participation, Tourism, and Volunteering for Community Capacity Building and Sustainable Social Capital", 2005-2007, total amount: $39,815.
Government of Yukon
Yukon Volunteer Bureau
Gary Genosko, Department of Sociology, "From Indigent to Indigenous: Alcohol Administration and Social Control in Northern Ontario", 2004-2006, total amount: $38,705.
Partner: Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Aboriginal Research Grants
Keith Brownlee, and Raymond Neckoway, School of Social Work, "Cree, Ojibway and Urban Aboriginal Perspectives on Attachment Theory", 2005-2008, total amount: $196,120.
Partners: Fox Lake First Nation
Lac La Croix First Nation
Northern Nishnawbe Education Council
Official Languages Research and Dissemination
Chris Southcott, Department of Sociology, Lakehead University, and Simon Laflamme, Laurentian University, "L'utilisation des novelles technologies de communication et la vitalité linguistique et communautaire des francophones dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario, 2005-2007, total amount of grant: $72,790.
Partners: L'Association des Francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario
Le Conseil scolaire de district catholique des Aurores boréales
Graduate Student Awards
Jobb Arnold, Psychology, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Carmela Coccimiglio, English, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Jessica Bird, Psychology, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Jennifer Bond, Environmental Science/Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Heather Boynton, Social Work, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Michele Gilbert, Social Work, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Beverley Kelley, Sociology, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Matthew Simons, Social Work, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Suzanne Tardif, Education, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
William Vinh-Doyle, History, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
Julie Riendeau, Psychology, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master's level
John Power, English, SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
Paul Berger, Education, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship at the Doctoral level
Ongoing Awards
Ronald Harpelle, Department of History (SRG), "Protestant Churches, Missionaries and Imperialists on the Central American Frontier", 2004-2007, total amount: $86,000.
Bruce Muirhead, Department of History, Lakehead University, Greg O. Donaghy, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, (SRG), "The Development of Canadian Aid Policy, 1945-1989", 2004-2007, total amount: $62,600.
Brian O'Connor, Department of Psychology, (SRG), "Rigid and Extreme Personality: Associations with Irrational Beliefs, Relationship Difficulties, and Behaviour Patterns", 2003-2006, total amount: $51,295.
Bruce Strang, Department of History, (SRG), "The Limits of Sovereignty: Italy in the Cold War era, 1948-1953", 2003-2006, total amount: $36,414.
Lori Chambers, Women's Studies, (SRG), "From Meretricious Unions to Equivalent to Marriage: A History of Cohabitation in Canada", 2002-2006, total amount: $74,850.
John Spraggon, Department of Economics, (SRC), "Enforcement in Markets for Tradable Emission Permits", 2002-2006, total amount: $82,458.
Scott Hamilton, Department of Anthropology, Lakehead University, Iain Davidson-Hunt, University of Manitoba, "Subarctic Aboriginal Cultural Heritage", 2002-2006, total amount: $39,562.
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Whitefeather Forest Management Corp.
Carney Matheson, Department of Anthropology, Research Development Initiatives, "Establishing Protocols for Analyzing Residues and Trace Materials from Archaeological Remains", 2004-2006, total amount: $37,000.
JoAnne Zamparo, School of Social Work, Lakehead University, Bruce Minore, Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research, Lakehead University, John D. O'Neil, University of Manitoba, Louis Tapardjuk, Nunavut Social Development Council, Lucy K. Quasa, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Leah Otak, Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, Lori N. Idlout, Nunavut Social Development Council, Strategic Grant (Society, Culture and the Health of Canadians II), 2001-2006, $339,492.
Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth
Nunavut Social Development Council

Lakehead U Artist and Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Inductee Featured at Gallery

(Thunder Bay - June 2, 2005) A Lakehead U Department of Visual Arts faculty member's work will be featured at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery until June 19. Sarah Link, who will be officially inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts this summer, has been teaching ceramics at Lakehead U since 1994.

While the announcement of Link's induction was made in the fall, the ceremony will be taking place on June 11. The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts recognizes and honours the achievements of Canadian visual artists who have demonstrated excellence. The Academy encourages and cultivates the arts of painting, sculpture, architecture, and design in the graphic, decorative, and industrial arts.

Glenn Allison, Curator of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, believes Link to be the first Thunder Bay artist to be inducted into The Academy since Norval Morrisseau in 1972. To celebrate this event, the Gallery has announced the acquisition of a major multiple-component sculptural piece by Link, entitled "Tane." This piece was created while Link was a resident at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, in 2001. It addresses genetic modification through the use of scattered pod forms. As well, the Gallery is displaying works from Link's "Drift" series, which provokes thoughts of journey and psychic passage through abstracted canoe and kayak forms.

Celebration Reception
On June 17 at 7:30 p.m., the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Lakehead University, and the Thunder Bay Potters' Guild will be joining forces to honour Link at a special reception at the Gallery. Members of the general public, arts community, and the media are invited to attend this special celebration.

To speak with Sarah Link, call the Office of Communications at 343-8177. For more information on the acquisition, display, and reception, please call Glenn Allison at 577-6427.

Lakehead University is a comprehensive university with a worldwide reputation for innovative programs and research. With over 7,400 students and 1,600 faculty and staff, Lakehead University is home to the west campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and is developing a satellite campus in Orillia, Ontario, planned to open in September 2006. Lakehead's total economic impact on the City of Thunder Bay alone is approximately $197.7 million yearly. For more information on Lakehead University, visit www.lakeheadu.ca.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

2005 Award to Staff for Outstanding Performance and/or Contributions

(Thunder Bay - May 26, 2005) Lakehead University is pleased to announce the winner for the 2005 Award to Staff for Outstanding Performance and/or Contributions -- Lynne Sevean, a technologist with the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment.

Lynne has worked at Lakehead U since 1972. Throughout his career at the University, he has worked for the betterment of the Faculty of Forestry by assisting both faculty and staff; he has also demonstrated outstanding community involvement, and has been an exceptional ambassador for Lakehead University.

"I'm honoured to be recognized by my peers at Lakehead University," says Lynne. "I enjoy working in the University with the Faculty of Forestry. Becoming involved in community outreach and helping fellow colleagues come naturally when you believe in something, enjoy your job and the people you work with."

"There were a number of very well-qualified nominees, which speaks volumes about the dedication and significant contributions made by Lakehead's staff," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University. "The Selection Committee did an excellent job, and Lynne is a fine selection for the 2005 Award. But, it is important to recognize all the nominations have demonstrated their commitment to the University."

The candidates for the Staff for Outstanding Performance and/or Contributions have to show exemplary service to a department or to the University community in some way, including but not limited to the following: demonstrating superior leadership skill and ability; demonstrating a willingness to go far beyond the job to assist other staff and students; or submitting a proposal which, when implemented, had significant impact on improved efficiency, cost-saving, or improved service within the University.

The other candidates for the 2005 Award were:

Cheryl Balacko, Textbook Supervisor, Bookstore
Hugh Briggs, Manager, Mechanical/Electrical Systems, Physical Plant
Lynn Gollat, Graduate Studies Officer, Office of Graduate and International Studies
Anne Klymenko, Manager, Research and International Development, Research Office

Members of the Media: Lynne Sevean is available for interview by calling Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177. Photos are available.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead U Nurses Honour Special Tradition

(Thunder Bay - May 26, 2005) Lakehead University nursing graduates will gather together to honour a special tradition within the School of Nursing. They will be holding their annual Pinning Celebration on Friday, May 27 at 2 p.m. at the Victoria Inn. This celebration is a special tradition which has been taking place at Lakehead U since 1975.
What: Nursing Graduates' Pinning Celebration
When: Friday, May 27 at 2 p.m.
Where: Victoria Inn, 2 p.m.
History of Pinning Celebration
The School of Nursing has many traditions, one of which has been the use of a nursing cap and the BScN pin as part of the uniform. Each nursing school had its own cap and pin, the receipt of which was often celebrated with a special ceremony/event at the time of graduation from the nursing program. Nursing students initiated the Capping and Pinning Ceremony in 1975 at Lakehead University. At that time, students requested that the cap and pin be presented to each student during the Convocation weekend.
Over the years, nurses were no longer required to wear a nursing cap, but the use of a pin remains a part of their uniforms. As a result, the Capping and Pinning Ceremony has gradually evolved to become primarily a Pinning Ceremony, during which the accomplishment and successful completion of the program is celebrated. The pin awarded at the Ceremony signifies the completion of the BScN degree.

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Lakehead U’s 41st Convocation Saturday, May 28

(Thunder Bay - May 25, 2005) Lakehead University is expecting more than 1,500 degrees and diplomas to be awarded on Saturday, May 28, 2005, during its 41st Convocation ceremonies at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.
Dr. George Macey and Rod Shewchuk will receive the title Fellow of Lakehead University. Stephen Low will receive the Alumni Honour Award, and Christopher Fernyc will receive the Young Alumni Award. Maude Barlow and Phil Fontaine will be awarded Honorary Degrees. However, as both have indicated they will not be attending the ceremony, their awards will be given in absentia.
Lakehead University Fellows and Alumni Honour Award winners will be available for media interviews between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 if you plan to interview anyone as Convocation morning is very busy.
Phil Fontaine - Doctor of Laws, honoris causa
Phil Fontaine is Anishinabe from Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba and has dedicated most of his life to the advancement of First Nations people. Fontaine attended the Residential Schools of Sagkeeng and Assiniboia, and was the first Aboriginal leader to publicly expose the shocking abuses that existed in secrecy within the Residential School system. While Chief of Sagkeeng, his belief in the autonomy and treaty rights of First Nations resulted in the establishment of Canada's first locally controlled education system, Child & Family Services, and the first on-reserve Alcohol Treatment Centre.

In 1991, he was elected Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and served for three consecutive terms. Working together with Manitoba's First Nations communities, Grand Chief Fontaine was instrumental in the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord. In 1997, he was elected National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and continued to provide exemplary leadership in the advancement of First Nations issues. In July 2003, he was re-elected National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

Maude Barlow - Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa
Maude Barlow is the National Chairperson of The Council of Canadians, Canada's largest citizen's advocacy organization with over 100,000 members, and the founder of the Blue Planet Project, which works to stop commodification of the world's water. She is also a Director with the International Forum on Globalization, a San Francisco-based research and education institution opposed to economic globalization. Barlow is the recipient of numerous educational awards and has received honorary doctorates from four Canadian universities for her social justice work. She is the best-selling author or co-author of 14 books. Her most recent publications are Blue Gold, The Fight to Stop Corporate Theft of the World's Water (with Tony Clarke), now published in 40 countries; Profit is Not the Cure, A Citizens' Guide to Saving Medicare; Making the Links: A Peoples' Guide to the WTO and the FTAA (Tony Clarke); and The Canada We Want: A Citizen's Alternative to Deep Integration.

Dr. George C. Macey - Fellow of Lakehead University
Dr. George Macey has practiced dentistry in Northwestern Ontario since graduating from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1968 as a general practitioner dentist at the age of 23. He practiced in Thunder Bay from 1968 to 1985 and is currently practicing in rural Marathon. Dr. Macey is interested in community activism, innovation, and public policy through the Chamber of Commerce movement. He is on the Board of the Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre and says that, "Working on NOTC projects and working with the clients, staff, and board members at the Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre for the last 10 years has been my most rewarding experience."
He is Chair of the Marathon Development Commission. And he is a member of the NOW Alliance (Negotiating Ontario's Wellness). Dr. Macey is also a member of the Northwestern Ontario I-Team (Innovation team) and President of the Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal Riding Association.

Rod Shewchuk - Fellow of Lakehead University
Rod Shewchuk has lived in Kenora since 1954. A graduate of Lakehead (BA'68), he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of British Columbia in 1971, and was called to the Bar in 1973. He has practiced law in Kenora since then, and is currently a partner in the firm Shewchuk, MacDonell, Ormiston, Richardt & Fregeau LLP, Barristers & Solicitors. His focus is on solicitor work including real estate, company law, wills, and estates.
Shewcuk is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and is currently a member of the Area Legal Aid Committee. He served for six years on the Board of Governors of Confederation College, and was Chair of the Kenora Police Services Board for five years. He is a past president of the Kenora Golf & Country Club and a Charter Member and former Director of the Ukrainian Professional & Businessmen's Club of Kenora.

Stephen Low, BA'74 - Alumni Honour Award
Filmmaker Stephen Low has been creating award-winning productions for 25 years, including two decades of leading-edge work for the giant screen marketplace. He is founder and president of The Stephen Low Company, responsible for the creation of such films as: Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, Fighter Pilot, Titanica, Beavers, and Super Speedway, as well as three groundbreaking IMAX 3D productions, among others.
The Alumni Honour Award is presented to alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in public service, business, humanities, research, science and technology, scholarship, and/or the arts. One award is granted each year, along with a gift of $1,000 to be designated to a Lakehead University department or area of choice.

Christopher Fernyc, HBComm'97 - Young Alumni Award
Chris Fernyc has been working in Calgary, Alberta, since graduating from Lakehead in 1997, and earning the President's Award for contributions to the advancement of the University and the Dean Braun's Gold Medal for being the highest ranking student in the Commerce program. He keeps in touch with his Alma Mater by sponsoring an annual competition for third-year finance students that involves analysing companies and making investment recommendations - not unlike his own work with Bissett Investment Management as Vice President, Portfolio Manager.
The Young Alumni Award is given to a graduate 35 years of age or younger who has made significant achievements. One award is granted each year, along with a gift of $500 to be designated, again, to a Lakehead U department or area of choice.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177
Communications@lakeheadu.ca www.lakeheadu.ca

Lakehead U’s Geriatric Mental Health Institute

(Thunder Bay - May 24, 2005) Lakehead University is having a conference aimed at bringing healthcare professionals and caregivers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of care and effective support for older adults with mental health issues.

Lakehead's Centre for Education & Research on Aging & Health (CERAH) and Office of Continuing Education & Distributed Learning (CEDL) are pleased to present the Geriatric Mental Health Institute, scheduled for Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, at the Travelodge Hotel Airlane.

This institute is designed to provide an exciting interdisciplinary learning opportunity on issues of relevance to health care and social service providers working with older adults. Each day has a theme and objectives on which the presentations are focused.

Thursday's theme, "Looking Inward: Looking Outward -- Exploring the Challenges of Care," is designed to provide a forum for networking and collaboration amongst professionals from a variety of disciplines and practice settings; explore strategies that support successful outcomes for older adults and their caregivers; and celebrate the contribution of caregivers to older adults.
Thursday's presentations include "Maintaining Personhood: Living Until You Die"; "Delirium Watch: A Multidisciplinary Surveillance Program"; and "Handling Stress and Strain in Dementia Care."
Friday's theme, "Elder Friendly Environments -- Effective Approaches for Supporting Older Adults," is designed to also provide a forum for networking and collaboration as well as explore strategies for creating elder friendly environments.

Friday's presentations include "The World As I See It: A Perceptual Journey Through the Looking Glass with Aunt Alice"; "An Elderly Friendly Hospital: Translating a Dream Into Reality"; and a Panel Discussion "Supportive Environments for Successful Community Living."
There are still spots available for this event, and participants can choose to attend either day or both days. Information regarding the program, can be found at http://cedl.lakeheadu.ca/gmhi or by calling 807-343-2143.
Members of the Media: If you would like to set up an interview with organizers, please call Marla Tomlinson at 807-343-8177 or 807-472-9113.

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113

Eco-Literacy Camp Offers Unique Educational Summer Experience for Children

(Thunder Bay - May 24, 2005) There is a unique learning opportunity being offered to children at Lakehead University this summer. The Faculty of Education's Department of Lifelong Learning will be hosting the Eco-Literacy Adventure Camp.

The Eco-Literacy Adventure camp is an educational program that uses ecologically based reading material throughout the camp, and includes high-energy games, outdoor activities, art projects, and other creative approaches to reading comprehension.

"Eco-Literacy Adventure Camp is a great way for kids to explore, discover, create, and learn about ecology, art, reading, and literature during their summer holidays," says Kim Falcigno, of the Department of Lifelong Learning. "We will be providing a quality learning experience that the children will find entertaining yet educational."

Eco-Literacy Adventure Camp is for children entering Grades four, five, six, and seven in September, and will run as two week-long camps in July: July 4 to 8 and July 11 to 15, Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Bora Laskin Building. Camp books and activities will be different for each week, so children can take part in both camps. Participant fee is $180.00 per week. (PRO Kids sponsored spaces are also available).

For more information or to register call the Department of Lifelong Learning at 346-7872, email faced.aie@lakeheadu.ca or visit our office: Department of Lifelong Learning, Faculty of Education, Bora Laskin Building Room 1007, Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road or our website at http://education.lakeheadu.ca/lifelong/camp.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, Lakehead University, 343-8177 or 472-9113