Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe Systems that gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services. Includes: Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Distiller, Premiere and Flash Builder. Please note: Adobe Creative Cloud is currently only available to students currently enrolled in the Media Studies program and are currently in the Lakehead Adobe portal. Lakehead University does NOT have a site license for any Adobe product.
ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is used for creating and using maps, compiling geographic data, analyzing mapped information, sharing and discovering geographic information, using maps and geographic information in a range of applications, and managing geographic information in a database. The system provides an infrastructure for making maps and geographic information available throughout an organization, across a community, and openly on the Web.
Autodesk offers a range of software for 3D design, engineering, and animation. Includes AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor Pro, Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, and Tinkercad.
H5P is an online application to create, share, and reuse interactive content that can be embedded in an online course site, posted on a website, or shared by a weblink.
Faculty and staff can request installation of Mac Office on Lakehead computers.
macOS is the Operating System(OS) created by Apple for Mac systems.
MATLAB® combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.
NVivo gives you a place to organize, store and retrieve your data so you can work more efficiently, save time and rigorously back up findings with evidence. Import data from virtually any source – text, audio, video, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, social and web content and more. With advanced data management, query and visualization tools, NVivo lets you ask complex questions of your data so you can discover more. This is available to Grad Students and Faculty only on a Lakehead owned asset.
Lakehead University is providing Microsoft Office 365 to all staff and students. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more available for offline and online use to best prepare you for class or office work. As long as you’re an active student or staff at Lakehead (excludes Alumni), you’ll be able to access this software.
SPSS is the acronym of Statistical Package for the Social Science. SPSS is one of the most popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions.
Honeywell’s UniSim® Design Suite is an intuitive process modeling software that helps engineers create steady-state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, business planning, and asset management.
Windows is a Computer Operating System from Microsoft which is widely used on campus. The most current version in use is Windows 10, this is installed on all PC lab computers and PC walk up computing stations.