Last modified: October 13, 2021
NVivo gives you a place to organize, store and retrieve your data so you can work more efficiently, save time and rigorously back up findings with evidence. Import data from virtually any source – text, audio, video, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, social and web content and more. With advanced data management, query and visualization tools, NVivo lets you ask complex questions of your data so you can discover more. This is available to Grad Students and Faculty only on a Lakehead owned asset.
Service Category: 
Thunder Bay, Orillia
Available To: 
Students, Faculty
  • Thunder Bay: SB1027, FB1009, AT3003
Getting Started: 
Cost and Purchasing: 
  • Available for Faculty and Graduate students only. This will only be installed on Lakehead owned assets and the device must be connected to Active Directory. To request this software, please submit a ticket.
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