Networks and Phones

The Multimedia Services Unit of the Technology Services Centre configures and manages all Audio Conferencing Services on Campus. There are a variety of configurations including Toll Free Based Conferences and Toll Based Conferences.
Active Directory, or AD, is a Microsoft product that allows for Windows domain management including current Windows Operating systems. It manages and authorizes users and computers on the domain as well as checks and enforces security restrictions, access and protocols. This allows TSC to centrally manage and support workstations more efficiently and effectively.
Information on how to use the telephone system on campus.
VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to connect from outside our network, create a secure encrypted connection and access internal resources as if you were connected locally, on campus. This access includes file shares, printers and internet traffic. Once your work is complete, you can simply disconnect the client to end your sessions.
Lakehead University provides a voicemail service on our Mitel office and residence phones.