Computer Labs

Last modified: October 24, 2018
The TSC is responsible for computer classrooms on campus and the staff and servers that support them. The type and location of the computing and storage resources available changes from year to year as new systems are introduced.
Thunder Bay, Orillia
Available To: 
Students, Faculty, Staff

Building, room, and the number of computers in each lab:

Thunder Bay

  • ATAC Building
    • AT3001, 57
    • AT3002, 57
    • AT3003, 27
    • AT3009 Geography Closed Lab, 24
    • AT3010 Forestry Closed Lab, 24
    • AT4019 Engineering Lab, 54
    • AT4003 Closed Lab, 16
    • AT4004 Closed Lab, 40
  • Bora Laskin Building
    • BL2001 Apple Macintosh Lab, 28
  • Chancellor Paterson Library
    • LI1003, 27


  • University Avenue
    • OA1002, 24 PCs 1 MAC
Service Expectations: 
  • Dependent on:
    • Hours of operation of the building that each lab is housed in.
    • Scheduled classes.
Cost and Purchasing: 
  • No cost, this is a resource licensed by the University.