Operating Grant: Brain Health and Reduction of Risk for Age-related Cognitive Impairment - Knowledge Synthesis and Mobilization Grants

How to Apply: 

The goals of this funding opportunity are to summarize current evidence-based knowledge in Canada, to identify areas of research strengths and gaps and to mobilize this knowledge for dissemination to relevant stakeholders.

The objectives of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Generate knowledge syntheses that will identify evidence-gaps and build evidence-based knowledge related to the promotion of brain health and reduction of risk for age-related cognitive impairment;
  • Mobilize knowledge on the current state of science that is relevant, equitable and accessible (i.e., that identifies the current state of knowledge and gaps and is communicated effectively); and,
  • Strengthen research excellence and ensure maximum research impact through consideration of diverse biological and/or socio-cultural identity factors in research design, including diverse, equitable and inclusive research methods, such as those based in Indigenous ways of knowing.

The specific objectives of the knowledge mobilization component are to:

  • Enhance a common understanding between stakeholders on promotion of brain health and risk reduction for age-related cognitive impairment;
  • Generate accessible KM products for dissemination that are tailored to relevant stakeholders based on the knowledge synthesis and includes equity, diversity and inclusion and Indigenous rights considerations, as appropriate;
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships between stakeholders; and,
  • Increase usefulness and relevant uptake of evidence/knowledge by stakeholders, including partners and knowledge users.
External Deadline: 
Thursday, May 25, 2023
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