Other: CIHR REDI Early Career Transition Award


For an application to be eligible all the requirements stated below must be met:

  1. The NPA must self identify with at least one of the following groups:
    • Racialized* women
    • Black people
      Note: In relation to these criteria, eligibility will be determined using the response(s) provided in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Self-identification QuestionnaireGiven that this Funding Opportunity is only open to specific populations, selecting "I prefer not to answer" to one or more of the questions relating to these criteria will prevent your candidacy from being considered. For additional information, please see the FAQ.
    Note: *In this funding opportunity, the term "racialized" is used as an alternative to "visible minorities," as used in the Employment Equity Act and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Self-identification Questionnaire.
  2. The NPA must be a trainee by the Funding Start Date and, specifically, one of the following:Note: For the purposes of this funding opportunity, the NPA cannot hold, or be on leave from, an independent researcher position. NPAs who are uncertain of their eligibility as it relates to their employment or appointment (e.g., those with a PhD or equivalent research doctoral degree who are not in a post-doctoral training position at the time of application) are strongly encouraged to email CIHR Contact Centre at support-soutien@cihr-irsc.gc.ca to confirm their eligibility as a trainee prior to preparing their application.
  3. The NPA can be a Canadian citizen*, permanent resident*, or a citizen of another country**.
    *NPAs with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency are eligible to hold their Phase 1 awards outside or inside Canada. For Phase 2, refer to the Supplementary Information for Phase 2 of the CIHR REDI Early Career Transition Award.
    **NPAs who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents are only eligible to hold their Phase 1 award in Canada.
  4. The Primary Mentor must be an independent researcher with an academic appointment and be either the NPA's current supervisor or a principal investigator who will function as the NPA's Primary Mentor for their Phase 1 REDI project. Additional mentors do not need to hold an academic appointment.
  5. The NPA must have successfully completed one of the sex- and gender-based analysis online training modules through the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health. A Certificate of Completion must be included in the application (see How to Apply). Select and complete the training module most applicable to your research project.
  6. For applications focusing on Indigenous Health and/or involving Indigenous Peoples:
    • the NPA must provide evidence of having meaningful and culturally safe involvement with Indigenous Peoples (see How to Apply).
    • the Primary Mentor must self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) and/or provide evidence of having meaningful and culturally safe involvement with Indigenous Peoples (see How to Apply).
How to Apply: 

The specific objectives of this funding opportunity are to:

  1. Promote research independence and academic research career readiness of highly qualified post-doctoral researchers, clinicians and PhD-holding research associates belonging to specific underrepresented groups;
  2. Increase the number of funded researchers from specific underrepresented groups conducting excellent research who secure their first independent research faculty position in a Canadian academic, health system or research institution; and
  3. Provide funded researchers from specific underrepresented groups with early career support to enhance their probability of future success in obtaining independent research funding and launching successful research faculty careers in Canada that will contribute to the creation and/or use of health-related knowledge to improve the health of Canadians.
External Deadline: 
Wednesday, May 3, 2023
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