Northern Biodiversity Research Program

How to Apply: 

The Weston Family Foundation is excited to announce a new funding opportunity – The Northern Biodiversity Research Program.

This program aims to fund applied northern biodiversity-focused research projects that have a demonstrated opportunity to influence conservation policy or practice in order to improve outcomes for northern wildlife and ecosystems.

What is the goal of the program? 
The goal of the Northern Biodiversity Research Program is to support projects that:

  • Produce high-quality research findings on northern biodiversity in Canada; and
  • Utilize the research findings and knowledge at decision-making tables in support of improved northern biodiversity outcomes.

What types of projects are supported?
Successful projects will be those that focus on the following research priorities:

  • Population dynamics, ecology, health, disease, contaminants, or management studies of species of importance for northern ecosystems
  • The response of ecosystems to the impacts of climate change
  • The impact of anthropogenic activities on species or ecosystems

How much funding is available?
A minimum of $600,000 and a maximum of $3,000,000 CAD per research project will be allocated for projects that can extend up to three years.

Webinars and Program Details:

Information Webinars:May 29 & June 5, 2024 at 2:00pm ET
Letter of Intent Deadline:June 21, 2024 at 5:00pm ET
Full Proposal Deadline:September 11, 2024
Anticipated Award Notice:November 2024


We hope that, if your research interests align with the priorities identified above, you will consider applying to this exciting new program. To learn more about the Northern Biodiversity Research Program, we encourage you to attend informational webinars presented by the Weston Family Foundation. Webinar details, registration links, and further program details can be found on our website.
As organizations are limited to three applications each, researchers are asked to inform the Office of Research ( by June 3, 2024 of their interest in this program.
External Deadline: 
Friday, June 21, 2024
Funding Source: 
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