COVID19 Research Call for Proposals - Strategic Research Development Fund, Senate Research Committee - Deadline May 1

This targeted funding is for short-term projects. Successful applicants are expected to begin their projects within one month from the awarding of funding and complete them within 9 months. Proposals from all disciplines are encouraged. It is anticipated that this call will fund a maximum of 5 projects with a maximum budget of $10,000 each. Proposals which have received, or have been submitted for COVID-19 related funding from other sources are eligible. 

Eligibility: Faculty members with tenure-track, tenured and 3-year limited term appointments are eligible to apply; Faculty with limited term appointments must provide evidence to demonstrate that they can complete the project prior to the end date of their appointment. Eligible faculty members can apply once to this special competition as principal investigator. There are no restrictions on how many times an eligible faculty member can apply as co-investigator on a research team. 


Application Process:

Requests for funds must be made using the on-line Romeo Research Portal via MyInfo (

As part of the Romeo application, the following should be included:
  • A research plan (maximum 3 pages);
  • Detailed budget and budget justification (maximum 2 pages);
  • Curriculum Vitae—CCV (preferred)—for all faculty members; and
  • Letters of support from research partners (if applicable)


Selection Process and Criteria:

The Senate Research Committee will review all eligible applications based on their degree of innovation, feasibility, training of HQP and impact.
Compliance with Lakehead University’s COVID19 Directives
All projects must adhere to the Lakehead University’s COVID19 directives and relevant research guidelines which can be found at the following link: For example, projects involving human subjects must adhere to the directives for research involving human participants during the publicly declared emergency by the Research Ethics Board.


Required Reporting and Deliverables:

A final report must be submitted to the Senate Research Committee through the Romeo Research Portal within 30 days of completing the project.
Applicants should be aware that the Senate Research Committee operates under Senate approved guidelines. All funding for internal research competitions is limited and designated for specific uses. Due to the competitive nature of the internal competition for most funding opportunities, the Senate Research Committee does not provide applicants with feedback or justification for its decisions. All decisions are made internally through a peer review process and all decisions are final.

For additional information regarding the application process, please contact



Senate Research Committee

Special One-time Call for COVID19—Strategic Research Development Fund Proposals


Romeo Application Form Questions:

9 Month Research Plan

1.            Briefly state the objectives to be achieved within the project’s time frame (9 months)

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following:

2.            Criteria: Innovation

Situate the proposal in the existing literature, context, and clearly explain how the research proposed is original, innovative and of high quality.

3.            Criteria: Feasibility

Please describe the key milestones, including methodology you propose to use and the project’s feasibility to produce impactful results in a short-time frame. NOTE: All proposed research activities must firmly adhere to the government’s and the University’s directives to observe social distancing and safety protocols.

4.            Criteria: Training of HQP

Please describe how the proposed research has the potential to develop research capacity among HQP.

5.            Criteria: Impact on COVID19

Please describe how the proposed project addresses COVID19 research questions. Please describe the anticipated impacts and deliverables.

 Overlap with Other Funding

Please explain how this proposal builds upon current research grants or proposals (if applicable) or how it is unique.

Detailed Budget and Budget Justification

Please provide a detailed budget itemizing all eligible expenditures and a budget justification.

Research Track-Record

Attach a copy of a CCV for all faculty members involved in the proposed research.


Please attach letters of support from partners (if applicable)