2020 NSERC Enhancement Program

If you are planning to apply for an NSERC Discovery Grant this fall, you may be interested in participating in this years NSERC Enhancement Program. 

The program consists of four, two-hour workshops spread out over a four week period (specific date and times will be determined in collaboration with participants). In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Enhancement Program will be delivered via Zoom. 

Each workshop covers a specific element of the Discovery grant application and is aimed at familiarizing participants with how applications are reviewed, and how best to address the adjudication criteria. Within 30 days of program completion, participants will be required to submit a draft application to the Facilitator, who will provide feedback intended to assist with further grant development. 

Program Start: Week of May 11th - May 15th, 2020

Program End: Week of June 1st – June 5st, 2020
Draft of Discovery Grant due on or before July 6th, 2020    

Participants of the program will be eligible for a $1500 grant, distributed in two installments, which can be used to support activities related to grant development (hiring research assistants, grant writers/editors, collecting preliminary data, etc). The first half of the grant will be awarded following completion of the program, while the second will be awarded following submission of your Discovery Grant to NSERC in November 2020. 
To be considered for participation, researchers will need to submit an application through ROMEO (click on Apply New - Tri-Agency Grant Enhancement Programs). Applications will include a brief project summary, a summary of the applicant’s experience with tri-agency grants, and a budget for the $1,500 research grant.  
The deadline for applications to this program is April 24th, 2020.    
While the program is designed to support early career researchers or first time applicants in obtaining NSERC Discovery funding, application to the program is open to all faculty. 
Additional details can be found in this document.
For more information, please contact Lexi Haslehurst, Research Facilitator (Natural Sciences, Engineering and Health) at ahaslehu@lakeheadu.ca