SSHRC Grant Application Enhancement Program 2018

The Office of the Vice President (Research and Innovation) at Lakehead University is pleased to announce the continuation of the SSHRC Grant Application Enhancement Program. This program is designed to encourage and support researchers at Lakehead University to begin preparation of their SSHRC applications well in advance of the internal deadline (two weeks before the SSHRC deadline), with the ultimate goal of increasing overall success rates. The workshops will be designed to develop skills to write each application type, with common and specific references made during the sessions.

Beginning the week of April 16 through the week of May 14, 2018, applicants will participate in a series of four workshops devoted to the drafting of specific elements of a SSHRC application, common across disciplinary boundaries. Workshop topics may include participating in a mock SSHRC peer review exercise, organizing a comprehensive description of the proposed research project, preparing an engaging summary, crafting a project budget, and creating a feasible knowledge mobilization plan. The topics and schedule of these workshops will be finalized in consultation with participants who are accepted in this program. At the conclusion of the workshops, participants’ feedback will be sought to assist in the evaluation of the program.

Participants in the program will be eligible for a research grant of up to $1500, distributed in two installments to aid in the development of their SSHRC applications. Researchers may use this grant for costs associated with research, including but not limited to hiring research assistants and grant writers/editors, collecting preliminary data, meeting with research partners, and gathering materials for the literature review. The $1500 grant will be distributed in two separate allotments: 1) $750 at the completion of the workshops in which the participant had full attendance and 2) $750 after a SSHRC application has been submitted. Applications from the completion of the workshops must be submitted to the next immediately available Insight Grant, Insight Development Grant, or Partnership Engage Grant competition.

Over the summer of 2017, participants will submit their draft applications for a formal review by a Lakehead University SSHRC Mentor, receiving valuable feedback to further strengthen their applications. Participants will be given the results of their review six weeks prior to the internal deadline in order to revise and submit their application to the external SSHRC competition.

All researchers engaged in research in the area of social sciences and humanities are welcome to participate in the program. Participants from previous programs are welcome to apply to re-enroll in the program on an “audit” basis, which means that they will not be eligible for the financial incentive. In order to apply for the program, researchers should send to Dr. PhebeAnn Wolframe-Smith (SSHRC/CIHR Research & Knowledge Mobilization Facilitator) by April 9, 2018:

a) a brief 1-page description of their proposed research project, including title and abstract (250-500 words),
b) a short bio about the researcher (100-200 words), and
c) a budget for the $1500 research grant
d) The number of applicants selected to participate in this program will be capped depending on financial resources available and will total no more than 10 participants. Evaluation will be based on originality, relevance to SSHRC’s mandate, project description cohesiveness, and background of the researcher.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Wolframe-Smith at