Internal NSERC RTI Competition

Dear NSERC-Eligible Faculty Member:

NSERC has just announced this year's competition for the RTI Grants Program. The RTI application system will continue to have each institution being assigned a quota of applications that they can submit to NSERC's national competition (October 25 deadline). Under this system, Lakehead University has been assigned a quota of four applications. Therefore, in preparation for the fall RTI competition, Lakehead University faculty members are invited to submit complete RTI grant application packages (main application completed in the NSERC Research Portal, along with CCVs of the applicant and co-applicants) no later than September 14, 2015 to Research Services. Applicants and co-applicants must each currently hold or be applying for an NSERC research grant (Discovery, Strategic Partnerships, Collaborative Research and Development, Canada Research Chairs, Canada Excellence Research Chair) at the time of application.

If more than four applications are received, all of the submissions will be appraised and ranked according to NSERC's RTI evaluation criteria by an equipment and infrastructure sub-committee of the SRC. Subject to final approval by the Vice-President (Research, Economic Development and Innovation), the FOUR applications receiving the highest ranking will be submitted to NSERC by the October 25, 2015 deadline.

Andrew P. Dean

Vice-President (Research and Innovation)