Thesis/ Dissertation Submission Guidelines

Graduate students in a thesis/dissertation program and Supervisors should use the following guidelines in planning for May graduation

The Master's External Examination process is now the responsibility of each graduate program. The Master Thesis Regulations (scroll down the linked page) state that:

"The Master's thesis will be evaluated by at least two examiners, one of whom should be external to the academic unit/program. Upon receipt of each Examiner's Report, a copy must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies"

External Examination of Doctoral dissertations are administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. View Doctoral Dissertation Regulations (note: scroll down the linked page)

The Internal examination process for Master's and Doctoral programs is administered through each graduate program.

Students completing the final thesis/dissertation process must be registered in that term. If the student has completed two full years of study, a "1st Term Time Extension" is required from the academic unit. Graduate Coordinators must notify the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the date sent to External Examiner.

Term Fee Guidelines

All Master's and Doctoral students will be charged per term fees until graduation. If the thesis /dissertation is not complete (all required paperwork and electronic copy of thesis/dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies) by the last date to register in a term, the full term fees will be charged. For more information, please see the University Calendar or contact the Office of Financial Services, Graduate Specialist at or 807.343.8241.