Final Dissertation Process: PhD Programs

  1. Dissertation Submission Guidelines

  2. Required Application to Graduate

  3. Proposed External Examiner Form

  4. Confirmation for External Review Form

  5. The Dissertation is Sent to the Internal Examiner

    • The Academic Unit/Program sends the Dissertation to the Internal Examiner
  6. Internal Examiner's Report Form

  7. Second Internal Examiner's Report Form (where applicable)

  8. The Dissertation is sent to External Examiner

    • The Faculty of Graduate Studies sends the Dissertation to the External Examiner
  9. External Examiner's Report Forwarded

  10. Oral Defence Presentation

    • Students present an Oral Defence 
  11. Final Dissertation Forms are Submitted

  12. Final Dissertation Copy

    • Students are required to submit an electronic copy in a locked pdf format. Please note that some academic units may require paper copies. Please check with your Graduate Coordinator.
    • Please ensure that all the fonts are embedded in the pdf before submitting the final electronic copy.
    • Tutorial on How to Embed Fonts
  13. Library Forms

  14. Exit Survey

    • Students are to submit the completed Exit Survey (PDF) to the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
  15. Intent to Graduate 

    • Students must complete the 'Intent to Graduate' through their myInfo account
  16. Graduand is Approved by Graduate Studies Council

  17. Graduate Degree is Conferred by Senate