Final Dissertation Process: PhD Programs

  1. Dissertation Submission Guidelines

  2. Required Application to Graduate

  3. Summary - final dissertation process

  4. Proposed External Examiner Form

  5. Confirmation for External Review Form

  6. The Dissertation is Sent to the Internal Examiner

    • The Academic Unit/Program sends the Dissertation to the Internal Examiner
  7. Internal Examiner's Report Form

  8. Second Internal Examiner's Report Form (where applicable)

  9. The Dissertation is sent to External Examiner

    • The Faculty of Graduate Studies sends the Dissertation to the External Examiner
  10. External Examiner's Report Forwarded

  11. Oral Defence Presentation

    • Students present an Oral Defence 
  12. Final Dissertation Forms are Submitted

  13. Final Dissertation Copy

    • Students are required to submit an electronic copy in a locked pdf format. Please note that some academic units may require paper copies. Please check with your Graduate Coordinator.
    • Please ensure that all the fonts are embedded in the pdf before submitting the final electronic copy.
    • Tutorial on How to Embed Fonts
  14. Library Form

  15. Exit Survey

    • Students are to submit the completed Exit Survey (PDF) to the Faculty of Graduate Studies 
  16. Intent to Graduate 

    • Students must complete the 'Intent to Graduate' through their myInfo account
  17. Graduate Degree is Conferred by Senate