Available Supervisors and Graduate Coordinators

For a complete list of faculty members and their areas of research and teaching expertise, please visit the program's website by selecting the appropriate academic department. Some departmental websites will include a list of supervisors and their potential and developing research opportunities.

For Graduate Coordinator & Administrative Assistant contact information, please use the Lakehead University Directory

Archaeological Science
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Tamara Varney
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer McKee
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Michael Rennie
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Jinan Fiaidhi
Facilitator/International Student Liaison: Dr. Brenda Magajna
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Claudio Pousa
Graduate Studies Analyst: Colin Kutchyera
Administrative Assistant: Morna Toderash
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Robert Mawhinney
Administrative Assistant: Robbie Buffington
Chemistry and Materials Science
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Robert Mawhinney
Facilitator/International Student Liason: Dr. Brenda Magajna
Computer Science
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Salimur Choudhury
MSC Program Facilitator: Dr. Rachael (Xiaoxiao) Wang
Administrative Assistant: Karen Romito
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer McKee
Graduate Studies & Research in Education Chair : Dr. Meridith Lovell-Johnson
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Joan Chambers
Administrative Assistant: Bonnie McDonald
Engineering - Chemical
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leila Pakzad
Administrative Assistant: Femi Mirshekari
Engineering - Civil
Graduate Coordinator (Masters): Dr. Osama (Sam) Salem
Graduate Coordinator (Doctoral): Dr. Osama (Sam) Salem
Administrative Assistant: Femi Mirshekari
Engineering - Electrical and Computer
Graduate Coordinator (Masters): Dr. Krishnamoorthy Natarajan
Graduate Coordinator (Doctoral): Dr. Abdelhamid Tayebi
Administrative Assistant: Femi Mirshekari
Engineering - Environmental
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Leila Pakzad
Administrative Assistant: Femi Mirshekari
Engineering - Mechanical
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Murari Roy
Administrative Assistant: Femi Mirshekari
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Rachel Warburton
Administrative Assistant: Cindy Haggerty
Environmental Studies (formerly Norther Environments and Cultures)
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Martha Dowsley
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer McKee
Gender and Women's Studies
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Lori Chambers
Administrative Assistant: Elaine Doiron
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Shannon Zurevinski
Administrative Assistant: Kristine Carey
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Anna Kone Pefoyo
Administrative Assistant: Katie Berube
Health Sciences (including Public Health)
Graduate Coordinator (PHD Health Sciences): Dr. Anna Kone Pefoyo
Graduate Coordinator (Master of Health Sciences): Dr. Anna Kone Pefoyo
Graduate Coordinator (Public Health): Dr. Helle Moller
Graduate Coordinator (Public Health with specialization in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner): Dr. Nisha Sutherland
Administrative Assistant:Katie Berube
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Michael Stevenson
Administrative Assistant: Gail Fikis
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. John Gotwals
Coordinator (Graduate Diploma in Professional Kinesiology): Erin Sargent
Administrative Assistant: Sandra Blackburn
Mathematical Sciences
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Razvan Anisca
Administrative Assistant: Robbie Buffington
Natural Resources Management
Acting Graduate Coordinator (Masters): Kevin Crowe (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)
Graduate Coordinator (Doctoral): Dr. Jian Wang
Administrative Assistant: Eva Scollie
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Gautam Das
Administrative Assistant: Kristine Carey
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Gordon Hayman
Graduate Coordinator (Clinical Psychology): Dr. Amanda Maranzan
Graduate Coordinator (Psychological Sciences): Dr. Dwight Mazmanian
Program Coordinator: grad.psych@lakeheadu.ca
Administrative Assistant: admin.psych@lakeheadu.ca
Social Justice
Program Administrator and Student Advisor: Kevin Brooks
Administrative Assistant: N/A
Social Work
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Jodie Murphy-Oikonen
Administrative Assistants: Madge Chan (Thunder Bay) and Lynda Kerr (Orillia)
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Barbara Parker
Administrative Assistant: Karen Woychyshyn