You will have to see the Administrative Assistant to complete an Employee Information Form. This form includes your address, date of birth and SIN number so have that information ready. The process of getting your contract up and going can sometimes seem slow, but we do our best to moves things along for you. You will also need to visit the HR office to fill in income tax forms and banking information, etc. Click here for the link to the Human Resources webpage - many of the form you will need can be found here!

You will be required to fill in a time card. You should receive instructions on how to access your timecard through MyInfo and when they are due. If you are stuck and need assistance please let the Admin Assist know.

You will be asked to fill in a Non GA Contract for your position. It is a standard form that you and your supervisor should do together and fill in appropriately in order that you both have an understanding of what is expected. Click here for a copy of the contract.

If you require a key to an office please let the Admin Assist know as she can order them. If you have any other questions we are here to help!