Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Can I be enrolled as a graduate student in another program while doing my One Year H.B.S.W.?

    Answer: You have to be on an approved leave of absence from your Masters program (if in Ontario) before you can take our program. It is not recommended to do this.

  2. Question: What if I have an international degree?

    Answer: Applicants with post-secondary credentials outside of Canada or the United States are required to provide International Credential Assessments from World Education Services (Canada). A course-by-course evaluation is required. All associated assessment fees are the responsibility of the applicant. The International Credential Assessment sent directly from the World Education Services is required in the Enrolment Services – Undergraduate Admissions Office by the deadline date indicated in the application package.

  3. Question: If I get accepted into the program, can I defer it for one year?

    Answer: No, you must proceed with it in the calendar year in which you are offered admission. If you decline the offer, you must reapply for subsequent consideration.

  4. Question: What if I donʼt have enough volunteer experience?

    Answer: In order to remain competitive in the application process, you are strongly encouraged to engage in volunteer activities prior to applying to the HBSW program. Both variety and depth of volunteer experience are important to the Admissions Committee.

  5. Question: I only have some volunteer work relating to social work, but no paid work experience.

    Answer: With regard to work/volunteer experience, either is equally valid in terms of the admissions process. It is not necessary to have held a paid social work position. We have a diverse mix of one year students, some with volunteer experience only, and some with a mixture of paid and volunteer work. We do not look at ʻhoursʼ of experience in the volunteer realm, but rather variety, continuity and depth of your experience. Having a more ʻin depthʼ ongoing involvement in supporting a child or family through CAS for example, will carry more weight than canvassing for fundraising with a charitable organization. Although both are important, the former will be recognized as a more significant involvement in terms of your application portfolio. We hope that applicants will have a wide range of volunteer experience in the social service realm.

  6. Question: Can I do the program part time?

    Answer: A very limited number of part time seats are available to students on a yearly basis. The application process is set up that you will need to apply to the full time program (105D), thus, if you are wanting part time consideration, you will need to include in your application package a special letter of request to the School of Social Work Admissions Coordinator. The part time program begins at the same time as the full time program (early July).

  7. Question: I will not be graduating until May/June? Do I still need to submit official transcripts?

    Answer: Yes, official transcripts must be submitted even though you are still in progress. If you are admitted to the program, the admission would be conditional upon receipt of final official transcripts showing proof of degree received.

  8. Question: If the application deadline has passed, can I still apply to the One Year program?

    Answer: No. The application for the 1 Year HBSW program will automatically close on the posted application deadline date.

  9. Question: I have completed two introductory social work courses in another province. Would this help me gain admission?

    Answer: You may be granted credit for your introductory social work courses but it would not necessarily help you gain admission. You will need to submit your transcript and course outlines upon application to the one year program. The Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions will determine if these courses are transferable to our program.

  10. Question: Can I get in the H.B.S.W. One Year Program with a GPA of 67% in my last 10 full course university credits?

    Answer: Applicants require a minimum average of 70% based on the most recent 10 University Full Course Equivalent credits to be considered for the program.

  11. Question: How do they calculate the minimum 70% GPA?

    Answer: The GPA is calculated using your last 10 full course equivalent university credits.

  12. Question:  Can I apply to the 1 year HBSW program even though I will not be graduating until the Spring with my degree?

    Answer: You can still apply even though you will not be graduating until the Spring. You will need to submit an official transcript showing the Fall session marks and we will assess your application based on the courses completed up to and including the Fall session. If you are admitted to the program, you will be required to submit a final official transcript showing proof of degree.

  13. Question: What type of information should be included in the reference letters that are required? Can I submit two references from the same Agency?

    Answer: The letters of reference should be someone who knows you in a professional capacity (work or volunteer work) if possible. They should be able to comment on your communication skills, ability to work with people and potential to be a good social worker. If you refer to the form that the referees are required to complete (included in the application form) you will have a better idea of what your referees need to be able to comment on, which will hopefully provide you guidance on who to ask for the references. In addition to the required form, if they are willing to also attach a personal letter of reference expanding on their ratings of your skills and abilities, then that is always helpful. Yes, you can submit two letters of reference from the same agency if you feel that these are the best people to provide comment on your skills and abilities.

  14. Question:  What is the difference between a BSW and an HBSW degree?

    Answer: An HBSW is a four-year honours degree designation. A BSW is a three year degree. You are eligible to apply to the College of Social Workers for the RSW (Registered Social Worker) classification with an HBSW.

  15. Question: What type of degree will I graduate with from the HBSW program – is it a generalist degree or is there some form of specialization?

    Answer: The degree that you will graduate with at Lakehead is a generalist social work degree with a northern focus. It is not possible to incorporate either a gerontology or womenʼs studies specialization into the one year program (as it is in the four year program). You are, however, able to focus on a specific area of interest when you complete the field practicum component.

  16. Question: Once my application is submitted, how can I check to see my status?

    Answer: When Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions processes your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email with a username and password to access your myInfo account. This will enable you to go into the web advisor for your application status information under My Application.

  17. Question: What if I have also completed a Social Service Worker program at a college.

    Answer: If you have a GPA of at least 3.0 out of a 4 point scale, you may receive credit for SOWK 1100 - Introduction to Social Welfare. The Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions will assess any and all advanced standing upon receipt of all your final official transcripts. If you do receive advanced standing, you will be notified of what courses Lakehead University has granted you credit for in your Offer of Admission.

  18. Question: I have previous work experience with a Social Services Agency. Can I get credit for that?

    Answer: You may be able to challenge the first portion of the field practicum (SW 3500) if your work experience meets the requirements set out in the Field Education Manual. Eligibility to challenge SOWK 3500 requires a student to have:

    • Previous work experience in a social work role in a social work or human service agency which has been supervised by a BSW, HBSW or MSW social worker or;
    • Successful completion of a social work practicum (minimum 400 hours) through an accredited college or university program under the direct supervision of a degreed social worker, that is deemed to be equivalent in terms of practice experience.

  19. Question:  What is our expected graduation date from the 1 year HBSW program?

    Answer: Students from the 1 year HBSW program are usually finished by late June. You won't "officially graduate" until the fall. You will receive your degree in the mail in November/December. There is no ceremony at that time but all Fall Graduands are invited to the Spring Convocation Ceremony in May/June.