Dr. Steven Jobbitt Publishes in The Sage Handbook of Historical Geography

The Department of History extends congratulations to Dr. Steven Jobbitt on his work co-writing with Róbert Győri.

The chapter provides a comprehensive historical overview and assessment of the field of historical geography in East Central Europe from the late nineteenth century to the present. It is co-authored with Róbert Győri. A large part of the research was completed when Győri was a visiting scholar in Thunder Bay with the Department of History, Fall 2019.

Follow the publication link to The Sage Handbook of Historical Geography


Colour photo book jacket  map on grey page for The Sage Handbook of Historical Geography

Dr. Thorold Tronrud Adjunct Professor of History receives the OHS Cruikshank Medal


The Cruikshank Medal, named after scholar and former General during the First World War, E.A. Cruikshank is awarded to individuals who demonstrated an ongoing dedication to pursuit of history in Ontario.  

Dr. Thorold Tronrud Adjunct Professor of History received the OHS Cruikshank Medal for his contributions to the history of the province. He recently retired from a 35-year career as the CEO of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum; during that time he also served a 15-year term as the editor of the Ontario History Journal (OHJ) for the Ontario History Society.

Dr. Tronrud receiving the Cruikshank Medal was published in December on the local news website  tbnewswatch.com


Dr. C. Nathan Hatton Guest Speaker on Champlain Society's Podcast Witness to Yesterday

Patrice Dutil  on Witness to Yesterday, talks with Dr. Hatton of Lakehead University about the evolution of wrestling in Winnipeg and Manitoba from the 1880s to the 1930s. He is an Assistant Professor to the Department of History and  also the Public History Program Coordinator for the department.

“Dr. Hatton in the podcast on Witness to Yesterday covers the evolution of the sport from its indigenous origins and how it reflected the tensions between amateurs and professionals. Dutil and Hatton discuss the enduring popularity of the sport. Hatton explores wrestling as a social phenomenon intimately bound up with debates around respectability, ethnicity, race, class, and idealized conceptions of masculinity.”

Click on the link to listen to the podcast aired December 11, 2020 with interviewer Patrice Dutil, produced by Jessica Schmidt .

Dr. C. Nathan Hatton, Assistant Professor, Department of History Publishing a New Chapter


The Department of History shares  that Dr. Hatton has written a chapter for The Palgrave Handbook of Sport, Politics and Harm.

Dr. C. Nathan Hatton has written a chapter entitled “’Though he was evidently suffering great pain, he bore it well:’ Public Discourse on Benefits, Risk, and Injury in North American Wrestling, 1880 to 1914.”

Dr. Hatton was notified that the book publication and release of The Palgrave Handbook of Sport, Politics and Harm, ed. Stephen Wagg and Allyson Pollock. London: Palgrave Macmillan, will be forthcoming in the next few months.

We look forward to reading the publication.


Video Documentary from "Saul Laskin, Man and Politician" presented by Dr. Peter Raffo

This documentary about the first Mayor of the city of Thunder Bay, Saul Laskin, was developed from a partnership between the Thunder Bay Museum (TBHMS), ShebaFilms, and the Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple called "The Reel Memories of the Lakehead Project".

Dr. Peter Raffo, Adjunct and Professor Emeritus, Department of History delivered a public virtual talk (September 22, 2020) as part of the department's annual sponsored speaker events with the TBHMS entitled "Saul Laskin: Man and Politician". This documentary compiles the recording of that speaker's event, archival film scanned as part of The Reel Memories Project, and photographs from the Thunder Bay Museum’s archive.

Congratulations are given Dr. Peter Raffo, the Thunder Bay Museum, Sheba Films (Kelly Saxberg and Dr. Ronald Harpelle) , and The Reel Memories Project (contributions Department of History from Dr. Nathan Hatton, Dr. Thomas Peotto, History graduate student Kaitlin Green).

To view the TBHMS website release of the film documentary, please click here.