Thunder Bay World War One Project Wins Award

At the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Historical Society the Thunder Bay Public Library was awarded the 2016 Dorothy Duncan Award for its leadership in the World War One Thunder Bay Centennial Project. The Department of History, its students, faculty, and alumni are active partners and participants in this project. WW1 Thunder Bay Centennial Logo

The Dorothy Duncan Award is presented to a non-profit organization, nominated by a First Nations Council or a Municipal Council, for outstanding service to its region. The Thunder Bay Public Library is recognized for its leadership in spearheading a community and regional partnership to commemorate the centennial of the First World War, including its impacts upon their city and region. Members of the partnership contributed photographs, documents and other archival materials to the development of an online exhibit depicting life in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario during World War I. The Library conceived the project and it hosts and administers the online exhibit.

The World War One Thunder Bay Centennial Project is a four-year cooperative community partnership which includes a wide variety of organizations, educational institutions, historical groups and individuals. The many community contributions to the project have been crucial to the project’s success and have added valuable, personal context to the collections and resources, and they have strengthened a sense of community and investment in
the project and its content.

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