Fort William Virtual Tour

The history of Thunder Bay is closely tied to the Canadian fur trade, particularly since the North West Company established its primary inland depot at the mouth of the Kaministiquia River. This site was the primary administrative and logistical hub for the company, with expansive facilities. Its function declined after the 1821 Amalgamation with the Hudson's Bay Company, and its last buildings were removed to make way for the CPR marshalling yards and the development of the port area. Despite this, extensive deposits remain intact below the current East End district of Thunder Bay South Ward.

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Virtual Examples of Artifact Types Found at Fort William during the Fur Trade:

Copper Pot with Lid

Firing Mechanism from a Flintlock Musket: Gun Cock with Hammer, Jaws and Screw

Montreal Kaolin Tobacco Pipe

Serpent Side Plate for a Northwest Trade Gun

Trade Axe