New Students

Congratulations on being admitted to Lakehead University! Your hard work, determination and commitment to your studies has paid off.

It's also a time to prepare and ensure you're completing all the necessary steps for a smooth transition to Lakehead. Use this guide below to help you through the coming weeks and months as you plan for your journey to university.

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Accepting your offer

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You’ve received an Offer of Admission! Your offer will indicate which program(s) you have received admission to, along with key dates and info.

Use this helpful guide to ensure you understand and confirm your offer.

Step 1: Carefully Review Your Offer of Admission Letter & Package

We know it is an exciting time, but, please read your Offer of Admission carefully. Your Offer will indicate which program(s) you have received admission to, along with important dates and information.

Your Letter of Acceptance is the official document that will be used when you apply for your study permit, and you will be required to present it when you pass through Canadian customs on your way to Lakehead. It's important that all of the information on it is correct. Read your Letter of Acceptance and verify the following:

Letter of Acceptance - personal info area

The accuracy of your personal information:

Is your name spelled correctly?

Does it match the name on your official travel documents (passport)?

Is your date of birth correct?

Is your address correct?


Letter of Acceptance - program info areaProgram Information:

Is the program listed the one you applied for?

Is the start term for the program correct?

Is the campus location correct?

Take note of the estimated tuition fees here. For details on verifying exact tuition amounts, visit our Tuition & Fees page.


Letter of Acceptance - conditionsAdmission Conditions:

Read and understand any conditions listed in this section. Be sure you have clear plans to meet these conditions by the deadline also included in this section of your Letter. If you do not understand your conditions or if you have questions, please contact our Admissions team.

Take note of the expiry date. We will hold your spot at Lakehead until this date.

Take note of the length of your program.

Take note of the link to important information for your visa officer.

Letter of Acceptance - next stepsNext Steps:

Here you will find instructions on how to accept your Letter of Acceptance and the deadline to do this.

Take note of your confirmation deposit amount, how to pay it, and the deadline to pay.

If your offer is 'conditional' with specific conditions outlined, you must satisfy those conditions in order to retain your Offer and spot within the program. All conditions of your Offer must be successfully met as detailed and by the specific dates. Failure to meet your admission conditions will result in your Offer being withdrawn. If you intend to complete any of these conditions by taking summer school or correspondence courses, please let us know. You are responsible for ensuring that official notification of your mid-term and final marks are received by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission letter.

Please keep Student Central informed of any changes in your academic history, current registration, etc.


Step 2: Accept Your Offer of Admission

Once you receive your Offer, you can accept your Offer of Admission - this tells us that you plan to join us so we can reserve your spot in your program. This is a critical step and one that must be followed by the deadline in your Offer. In order for you to register for your courses, you must first accept your Offer and pay the confirmation deposit. 

The following outlines the steps to follow based on how you originally applied to Lakehead:

For Applicants that applied through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC):

If you applied on the OUAC 101, the OUAC 105,  the Ontario Law Schools, or the Ontario Faculties of Education application you must accept your offer using your OUAC account. For more information on accepting your offer through OUAC, refer to the OUAC FAQ.

You must respond on or before the date indicated in your Offer of Admission as your Offer of Admission will expire after that date. Admission and registration at Lakehead University are conditional upon full compliance with all Lakehead University regulations and policies, including those respecting fees.

For Applicants that applied through the Lakehead University Undergraduate Application:

To accept your offer, log into your Lakehead University Undergraduate Application and select "Choices/Offers" under Application Links. Choose "Offer" or "Alternative Offer" to read the details of your offer of admission and click "Accept" to accept your offer. Please follow the instructions to submit your response. 

Be sure to respond on or before the date indicated in your Offer of Admission, as your offer will expire after that date. Admission and registration at Lakehead University are conditional upon full compliance with all Lakehead University regulations and policies, including those respecting fees.

Step 3: Verify Your Acceptance

When it comes to your post-secondary education, you don't want to take a chance. It is important you ensure that when you Accepted your Offer that it was received. To ensure that we have received your response, check myInfo, "Track My Application Status".

Refer to the program that you accepted. If the application status states "Offer Accepted", we have received your response and you can continue on to Step 4 below. Refer below for a screenshot. If you are a Juris Doctor applicant, your application status will state "Provisional Accept (law)" or "Firm Accept (law)", not "Offer Accepted".

If you applied using the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), please note that there is a time delay of approximately 48 hours from when the OUAC sends us your response. As a result, you may not see your response in myInfo right away.

Please note that your responses will be reviewed to ensure that they have been made by the appropriate deadlines as stated in your Offer of Admission letter.

Step 4: Submit Your Confirmation Deposit 

In addition to accepting your Offer, you are also required to submit your non-refundable confirmation deposit by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission. This deposit will be applied to your tuition fees for the upcoming school year.

Before proceeding to the instructions below, make sure we have received your response (refer to Step 2 & 3). If you applied using the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), please note that there is a time delay of approximately 48 hours from when the OUAC sends us your response. As a result, you cannot accept and confirm on the same day using this method. If you would like to accept and confirm on the same day, please try one of these other payment methods found here. We recommend the Internet or Telephone Banking option.

For instructions on how to use the confirmation deposit portal found in your myInfo account, refer below. 

Instructions for Paying your Confirmation Deposit:

To pay your confirmation deposit,

1. Access your myInfo account. If you cannot access myInfo, use the Account Recovery option. 
2. Ensure you are on the "Applicant" tab.
3. Click on "Pay My Confirmation Deposit"

You should see the following message:

Screenshot of Deposit Payment Page

4. Click "Continue".
5. Select your payment method from the drop-down list and click "Submit". Refer below for a screenshot. 

Screenshot of the confirmation deposit form

6. Click "Continue".
7. Complete the payment process, if applicable. 

Verifying That You Have Confirmed:

To ensure that we have received your confirmation, log in to your myInfo account, ensure you are on the "Applicant" tab, and click on "Track My Application Status". Refer to the program that you confirmed a space in. If the application status states "Confirmed with Deposit", we have received your deposit. 

If you use the confirmation deposit tool as outlined in Step 3, your application status will be updated immediately. If you use one of the other options, your application status will not be updated immediately. 

Please note that your responses will be reviewed to ensure that they have been made by the appropriate deadlines as stated in your Offer of Admission letter. 

Screenshot of Confirmation of Deposit 


Applying for your Study Permit and Visa

Most visa application centres (VACs) have reopened with normal hours and services. Check your VAC website before you go. To know more click here.

It is now time to apply for your study visa and permit. Study permits are required for any studies more than 6 months in length, click here to learn more.

We encourage applicants to submit their study visa and permit applications online through the IRCC website. When you are outside of Canada, the visa and study permit applications are done together. When the application is approved online, you will be sent an approval letter and asked to submit your passport for stamping. You will be issued the actual study permit upon entry. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Create an IRCC account. Please log onto the website and open an account to apply
  2. Gather required documents:
    1. Letter of Acceptance
    2. Proof of identity (“international” passport)
    3. Proof of financial support

Other items may also be required, depending on your country of birth. Please click here for more details.

 Questions? Send an email to:

Other considerations

Conditional Offers

We strongly encourage you to meet all conditions and have an unconditional Letter of Acceptance before you start the study permit process. This is the best way to ensure your study permit is issued for the correct duration of time and with the correct conditions.

However, we understand due to processing times, you may have to apply for your study permit with a conditional letter. If you decide to use a conditional Letter of Acceptance, please clearly demonstrate how you are currently working towards the conditions (finishing high school, completing IELTS). You may be issued a one-year study permit with conditions on working while studying if you use a conditional offer. This can be corrected after arrival once conditions are met and you have registered.


 As of now, many Service Canada locations across Canada continue to offer limited in-person services. Many applicants continue to be exempt from biometric collection with their temporary residency applications and extensions (inside of Canada). Please visit the IRCC website to check for biometric collection in your area:

CHECK Biometric Collection CENTrE

Passport Expiry

You should check the expiry date of your passport before you start the process. A study permit cannot be issued past your passport validity, therefore if your passport is expiring in the next two years, you may want to consider renewing this first. To renew your passport in Canada, most countries require an in-person meeting at the embassy (in Ottawa) which can be costly and time-consuming.

Medical Exams

A medical exam could also be required, depending on your country of citizenship and program of study. This request is typically sent (if required) after you apply. Once you submit your online application, you will be sent a request for medical, if it is required. Please follow the instructions in the medical request letter and complete the requirement before the deadline indicated. If you plan to study and work in the health field, we recommend completing the medical before coming to Canada and including this with your study permit application.

Please click here to find an IRCC doctor close to you.

Co-op work/Internships

Co-op is work-integrated learning as part of your degree studies. Co-op may be a mandatory component to your program (either undergrad or masters program). Lakehead University will approve co-op positions after your first year of studies. Workshops will be held on-campus for individuals needing to apply for this permit.

Program End Dates

You will be required to provide a program end date on your study permit application form. Your program end date will be listed on your Letter of Acceptance but you may also consult the following:


Fall Start

Spring/Summer Start

Winter Start

One Year Masters Degree

August 31 (+1yr)

May 1 (+1yr)

December 31 (+1yr)

Two Year Masters Degree

August 31 (+2yrs)

May 1 (+2yrs)

December 31 (+2 yrs)

Four Year Undergrad Degree

April 30 (+4yrs)

December 31 (+4yrs)

December 31 (+4yrs)

Accompanying Family Members

Dependents (spouse and/or children) of international students in Canada are eligible to visit, study and work while their family member studies. You can include your family members in your original application to come to Canada, or invite them to accompany you after you arrive. More information on family members can be found here.

Processing Times

Once you submit your application, you can track the progress through your IRCC online account. IRCC will send you notifications anytime they make a change. You can check processing times on the main page of the IRCC website.

Once your application is approved online, you will be sent a notification. It will also ask you to mail your passport or visit the VAC for your passport stamping. You must travel to Canada with the approval message, and your study permit will be issued upon entry.

Tuition, fees & funding your education

Your university education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. So it only makes sense for students to ensure that they're up to date with tuition, fees, available and payment methods. To help you with the costs involved, Lakehead University offers over $11 million in funding each year to new and returning students. While scholarships recognize academic achievement, awards are based on a combination of criteria, including academic merit and financial need

Tuition & Fees

A guide on Tuition, Fees, Important Dates and how to pay them.

International Scholarships & Awards

Take advantage of one of Canada's most generous university scholarship programs. We make paying for your university degree easier so you can focus on your education.

Housing, accommodations & our campuses

Explore our campuses and review your housing options, meal plans, and residence supports that will help you succeed in your studies.

Our Campuses and Hometowns

Get to know the city and the campus you'll call home.

Housing & Accommodations

Explore the convenient on-campus residence options and other accommodations

Course registration

An important part of preparing to start your academic program is choosing your courses. Be sure to check your Lakehead University email regularly for updates and instructions on how to do this. Here are some guidelines and resources to help you along the way.

How Do I Know Which Courses to Select?

The Lakehead University Academic Calendar lists each degree program and the classes you need to take in them. To navigate the Academic Calendar, follow these steps:

1) In the Academic Calendar, programs are grouped by Faculty. In order to find out which Faculty your program is in, view our Faculty Finder page.

2) Go to the Academic Calendar's Programs & Faculties page. Find you Faculty, and under it, click on "Undergraduate Programs" or "Graduate Programs" depending on your level of study.

3) From there, click on the link for your specific degree program. You'll see a year-by-year overview of the classes you'll take in your program.

Note: If you are beginning an undergraduate program in a Winter or Spring term, we recommend you work with a Student Central Advisor.

How Course Registration Works

Before you can register for courses, you will need to accept your Letter of Acceptance and pay your confirmation deposit. To learn more about how to do this, visit our Navigating Your Letter of Acceptance page.

Course registration takes place online through your student information portal, which you can access with the same username and password as your Lakehead email. 

You will find the Course Registration links in the "Academics" section of myPortal. 

myPortal Home Screen

When To Register for Courses

The dates that course registration opens may vary from year to year. It's important that you continue to check your Lakehead email for a notification once registration opens. As a general timeline, see the following: 

  • Fall intake students may begin to register for courses in mid- to late-June (undergraduate students), and late June (graduate students). The 2023/24 Academic Calendar & 2023/24 Course Timetable will be available in Spring 2023.
  • Winter intake students may also choose courses from June onwards.
  • Spring intake students will be able to begin registering for courses in February.   
Getting Help with Registration

Undergraduate Students

There is no better way to get help with course registration and to begin your #LakeheadAdventure than by attending Fast Pass: Registration 101.

At Fast Pass, our team of Lakehead experts will:

  • Walk you through a registration demonstration
  • Show you where to find your program requirements
  • Help familiarize you with academic expectations in university
  • Answer your questions
  • Guide you in your next steps

Upcoming Fast Pass Dates

Graduate Students

Monitor your Lakehead email for a notification and instructions on registering for courses. We recommend that you connect with your Graduate Coordinator before registering. If you are unsure who your Graduate Coordinator is, please visit our Graduate Coordinator website or email to inquire.

Popular Registration Resources

Orientation & events

Orientation is an important step in any students journey, but the fun doesn't have to stop there! We have plenty of events for our new students to help guide you as you research your options for studying at university. 

This is your opportunity to learn and ask your questions about admissions, programs, student life, and more!

Future Student Events

Learn and ask questions about admissions, programs, student life, and more.

International Student Orientation

Engage with Lakehead staff members and departments, ask your burning questions


Online and in-person events to get connected to the campus community

Before you Travel

Luggage and a hat

Over 1,500 international students, representing over 70 nations around the world, call Lakehead home. Below are some of the available resources for starting your Lakehead Journey.

Follow this handy guide to ensure you don't miss a step in your preparations for travelling to university. Get advice on everything from airport arrival procedures to airport pick-up, and more.

Read our guide