Meet Your Advisor

Student Central, Thunder Bay & Orillia Campus

Student Central Professionals are available to offer guidance throughout your university career.  They provide clarification, motivation and direction in making positive post-secondary choices.  They can help you:

  • Develop your academic plan to graduation
  • Review your course selection in relation to completing degree requirements
  • Discuss academic standing, academic regulation and petitions
  • Change your major or program of study

Before meeting with the Student Central team, be sure to check to see if your program has a Faculty Advisor you should see first.

Student Central Professionals

Matthew Beaucage

Jessica Clarke

Melanie Oakes

Allison Gulka

Michelle Taylor


Phone:  (807) 343-8500

Student Central Manager

Derek Lawrence


Phone:  (807) 343-8010 ext. 8153

Location:  University Centre UC 1002


Faculty Advisor Contact List 

Faculty Advisors are available to offer advice on program-specific inquiries and to facilitate your development and learning as you progress through your studies. Unless otherwise specified, your Faculty Advisor is your Program Chair.

Contact your Faculty Advisor if you need help with:

  • Selecting courses that will develop/complement knowledge of your discipline
  • Clarifying requirements for graduation
  • Providing assistance regarding internship/co-op opportunities (where applicable)
  • Discussing graduate school options and professional opportunities
  • Discussing research/volunteer opportunities in their respective discipline
Lakehead-Georgian Partnership Programs
 Program Title Program ChairProgram Coordinator
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree and Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced DiplomaDr. Carlos Christoffersen
Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin
Dr. Majid OstadRahimi
705-728-1968 ext. 1948
Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science – Environmental Sustainability (Specialization in Ecosystem Management) Degree and Environmental Technician DiplomaDr. Sreekumari (Sree) Kurissery

Rhonda Bell-Allen

Honours Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) Degree with Computer Programmer DiplomaDr. Ruizhong WeiRoss Bigelow
705-728-1968 ext. 5325
Honours Bachelor of Science – Applied Life Sciences (Specialization in Biomedical Techniques) Degree with Biotechnology – Health diplomaDr. Heidi SchraftDr. Sean Madorin
705-728-1968 ext. 1085
Chair & Primary Advisor: Dr. Matt Boyd
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer McKee 
Orillia Campus Advisor: Dr. Tim Kaiser 
Applied Life Science
Coordinator: Dr. Heidi Schraft 
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk
Coordinator:  Dr. Wely Floriano
Chair: Dr. Azim Mallik
Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) Coordinator: Dr. Michael Rennie
For additional information please review the OUPFB's website at:
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk
Thunder Bay Campus

Program Chair YR1 & YR2: Dr. Wing Him Yeung
Program Chair YR3 & YR4: Dr. Timothy Hardie
Administrative Assistant:  Morna Toderash
Academic Advising:

Orillia Campus 
Program Chair (Acting): Dr. Isaam Dawood

Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
Academic Advising:
Chair (Acting): Dr. Christine Gottardo
Administrative Assistant:  Karen Romito
Computer Science
Acting Chair: Dr. Hosam El-Ocla 
Acting Chair Advising Email:
Program Advisor (Lakehead/Georgian Program): Dr. Ruizhong Wei
Administrative Assistant:
Program Coordinator: Dr. Michael Stevenson (Interim) 
Academic Advising:
Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
Earth Science
Chair of Geology: Dr. Andrew Conly
Administrative Assistant:  Kristine Carey
Chair:  Dr. Robert Petrunia 
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer McKee
Education - Aboriginal Education
Chair: Dr. Paul Cormier
Acting Chair (July 4, 2022 to June 30, 2023): Dr. Leisa Desmoulins
Administrative Assistant: Brandi Shorthouse
Education - Indigenous Language Instructors' Program
Coordinator:  Dr. Leisa Desmoulins
Administrative Assistant:  Maeghan Chasse
Education - Professional Development in Education
Acting Director: Dr. Wayne Melville
Administrative Assistant:  Colleen Woods
Education - Undergraduate Studies
Thunder Bay Campus 
Chair: Dr. Donald Kerr
Administrator: Tina Falcigno
Advising: Please contact Tina Falcigno.
Registration Assistance: Please contact Teresa Ruberto at 

Orillia Campus
Pre-Professional Program Coordinator (Advising): Dr. Frances Helyar
Chair: Dr. Michael Hoechsmann 
Programs Officer: Julie Howell
Engineering - Chemical
Chair:  Dr. Siamak Elyasi
Administrative Assistant:  Karen Toneguzzi
Engineering - Civil
Chair: Dr. Sam Salem
Administrative Assistant:  Karen Toneguzzi
Engineering - Electrical
Chair: Dr. Carlos Christoffersen
Administrative Assistant: Sunena Shetty
Engineering - Mechanical
Acting Chair (July 5, 2022 - August 31, 2022): Dr. Kefu Liu
Acting Chair (September 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022): Dr. Ali Tarokh
Chair: Dr. Basel Ismail
Administrative Assistant:  Karen Toneguzzi
Engineering - Software
Acting Chair: Dr. Thangarajah Akilan
Administrative Assistant:  Sunena Shetty 
Chair: Dr. Anna Guttman

Administrative Assistant:  Cynthia Haggerty 
Environmental Studies - Biology
Thunder Bay Campus Chair: Dr. Azim Mallik 
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk 
Orillia Campus: Dr. David Law
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk 
Environmental Studies - Earth Science
Chair of Geology: Dr. Andrew Conly
Administrative Assistant:  Kristine Carey
Environmental Studies - Geography
Chair of Geography:  Dr. Adam Cornwell 
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer McKee
Environmental Sustainability 
Chair: Dr. Sree Kurissery
Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
Gender and Women's Studies
Acting Chair: Dr. Jennifer Roth
Chair:  Dr. Lori Chambers 
Administrative Assistant: Elaine Doiron
General Program - BA
Assistant Dean: Dr. Jennifer Roth
Administrative Assistant: Susan Viitala
General Program - BSc
Acting Dean: Dr. Sree Kurissery (July 2022 - June 2023)
Advisor:  Dr. Matthew Boyd
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer McKee
Geography and the Environment
Chair: Dr. Adam Cornwell 
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer McKee
Chair: Dr. Andrew Conly 
Administrative Assistant:  Kristine Carey
Coordinator: Dr. Elaine Wiersma
Acting Chair: Dr. Richard Maundrell
Administrative Assistant: 
Indigenous Learning
Chair: Dr. Kristin Burnett
Administrative Assistant: Elaine Doiron
Interdisciplinary Studies
Program Coordinator: Dr. Larry Fiddick
Academic Advising:
Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
YR1:  Dr. Carlos Zerpa
YR2:  Dr. Taryn Klarner
YR3:  Ms. Leanne Smith (Unit Study Abroad Advisor)
YR4:  Dr. Ian Newhouse
Transfer Student Advisor: Dr. Carlos Zerpa or Ms. Leanne Smith

Administrative Assistant:  Lori Vidotto
Chair: Dr. Isabelle Lemée 
Administrative Assistant: Lori Kapush
Dean:  Dr. Jula Hughes
Administrative Assistant:  Andrea McCall Onyefuru
Mathematical Sciences
Chair: Dr. Razvan Anisca (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024) 
Administrative Assistant:  Karen Romito
Media, Film & Communications
 Program Coordinator: Dr. Alice den Otter
Academic Advising:
Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
Chair: Dr. Evgeny Chugunov 
Secretary:  Jennifer Howie
Natural Resources Management
Dean: Dr. Chander Shahi (Acting)
Chair of Environmental Management Program:  Dr. Brian McLaren
Chair of Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry Program:  Dr. Matthew Leitch
Administrative Assistant:  Eva Scollie
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer Bain Manion
Natural Science
Chair:  Dr. Azim Mallik
Administrative Assistant: Heather Suslyk
Northern Studies
Program Coordinator: Dr. Steven Jobbitt
Acting Program Coordinator: Dr. Richard Maundrell (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022) 
Administrative Assistant: Gail Fikis
Director: Dr. Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio 
Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Maggie Pudden
Administrative Assistant: Audrey Drebit 
Outdoor Recreation
Director: Dr. Leigh Potvin
Academic Advising: Dr. Alexa Haberer, Dr. Harvey Lemelin, Dr. Julie Rosenthal & Mr. Rod Swatton 
Administrative Assistant: Lori Kapush
Chair: Dr. Richard Maundrell  

Administrative Assistant:
Chair: Dr. Mark Gallagher
Administrative Assistant:  Kristine Carey
Political Science
Chair: Dr. Tobold (Toby) Rollo
Administrative Assistant: Karen Woychyshyn
Chair:  Dr. Rupert Klein 
Program Coordinator: Taylor Onski 
Social Work
Director: Dr. Jo-Ann Vis (July 2020 - June 2023)
Thunder Bay
Academic Advisor:  Jenna Garlick 
Administrative Assistant:  Madge Chan 
Orillia Campus
Academic Advisor: Tess Buchanan 
Administrative Assistant:  Lynda Kerr (705-330-4010 ext 2003)
Advising: students may contact to book an appointment or call 705-330-4010 ext 2003
Chair: Dr. Tony Puddephatt 
Secretary:  Karen Woychyshyn
Sustainability Sciences (Environmental Sustainability)
Acting Chair: Dr. Nandakumar Kanavillil (July 2022 - June 2023)
Administrative Manager: Carolyn Rimkey
Visual Arts
Chair: Mr. Sam Shahsahabi 
Advisor: Mr. Roland (Roly) Martin
Administrative Assistant:  Jennifer Howie
Water Resource Sciences
Program Coordinator - Dr. Amanda Diochon
Administrative Assistant:  Kristine Carey

For a list of all Graduate Coordinators, please visit the Available Supervisors and Graduate Coordinators page.